Bryce Thompson Transfer Thread [FOOD Edition]

Expressed before …I have never felt that BT was only interested in where CC was going so BT could go elsewhere …particularly felt that way after Trey P. committed to OU …in reality, OU/Krugar offered TP as inducement to get BT … Boone twins - TP & BT are all products of the PWP program under Rod Thompson etc … BT wants to be the top dog at whatever program he goes to and frankly speaking, TP is barely a D1 level player …certainly, not B12 caliber …

Careful what you say about Trey Phipps - he’s set up to be OU’s Phil Forte. That kid can SHOOT.

Yes … he can shoot for sure

I could see UNC replacing KU.

But, OU ain’t in it.

It may honestly come down to ‘does UNC get Cade or Bryce’ and we get the other.

Just so we get the other…

Snoop Dogg cost us Ronald Jones so…

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What’s funny is … you have no idea. But keep banging that drum!


I know OU isn’t going to land him. And then when he announces to a school that’s not OU that you’ll still be snarky. Just like with Dax.

But that’s who you are.

What factual evidence do you have that makes you say this? You’re the a-hole who just keeps yelling “he’s not going to OU” but who are you and what do you know?

Kyle has sources and has been reliable for years. You’re just a guy on a message board

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Hey Boone - If Bryce commits to OU then I’ll donate $200 to the site. If Bryce commits to another school then you’ve got to give me a free PFB Yeti. Pretty good odds for you. Willing to take the bet?

People talk and often times you’re more likely to get off hand info as a regular dude than a member of the media. I laid down the bet for Boone so let’s see if he takes it.

David - I ask this as a question that perhaps you have insight to…my concern about OU is that they hired Pooh Williamson as an assistant who grew up with Rod Thompson and they are very close. I am not sure if they played at TU together or not but I know they were close growing up at least. My concern is that connection clips weigh in OU’s favor

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I was told around the time Pooh was hired about it being an OSU/KU battle (June/July?). Kyle thinks I’m full of it, but I’m just posting what a family friend of theirs thought at the time. It was literally just a conversation shooting a basketball in my driveway. I’m confident enough to place a wager on OU not being the spot though.

I sure hope so. I’m a BTW alum so I love when our guys come here. I’ve loved how we rekindled the football pipeline and would love to do so in hoops as well!

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Agreed! Great school.