C.J. Moore Announces Intent to Transfer from Oklahoma State

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Daddy Dimes, out.

Funny how jumping off a burning ship is written off as nothing to see here.

Jump with everyone else. You’ll be happier.


…Gundy is notorious for not investing ultra deeply in recruiting but that man can do three things like few others.

  1. Evaluate
  2. Develop
  3. Retain

Please, show us how that’s done…

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Not quite sure how getting all your superstars back + most of an improving defense + a good chunk of an improving oline coming off an 8-5 season (where early losses can be attributed to a young QB) qualifies as a burning ship. The ship is lightly singed and under repair my friend, so get ready to ride in 2020.


Two potential all-americans decide to come back to play another season in Stillwater sounds like a burning ship?!? ou has had almost their entire linebacking core go into the portal, is that a burning ship as well?


Which “burning ship” are you talking about, OSU or OU? We have 11 or 12 declared to transfer and OU has 12.

The schools with the best records in the conference have tended to have the highest number transferring out. Not a perfect relationship, but there is definitely a pattern.


Isn’t it funny how our superstars end up being 3rd round guys that when they do get to start get beat out by a unknown walk-on. Oh and then the NFL stars are the ones that got benched (Chris Carson).

Chris Carson had injury issues, when healthy he got plenty of playing time and showed what he was capable of.


It just me or has this offseason been particular rough in the transfer department? It seems like this has happened more this year as compared to years past.

I think this is the new norm of college football. They’ve made it so easy for guys to transfer now if you’re not happy you just hit the portal. It’s also still early, so I think there is a chance the volume of transfers still goes up. Gundy is right though, the NCAA needs to do something about the inability of teams to replace transfers (25 max limit on scholarships per year).

I also wonder what effect will the paying of players have on the transfer market?

-“Want to transfer from University A (tired of the community, lack of playing time, etc)?”

-“Come to University B! We are able to provide meal plan, housing, AND are able to provide you with a vehicle and an ‘um’ allowance brought to you by our partnerships and alumni”

Please tell me if I am totally off base here

Funny how you’re describing people that weren’t able to play because others were passing them on the depth chart leaving as a burning ship.

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Moore was the No. 1 player in Oklahoma State’s Class of 2018 (the same class as Spencer Sanders) and the 13th-highest ranked recruit in school history. Over the course of two seasons, he had just four receptions for 81 yards and two touchdowns.
I guess the other guys scored everytime they touched the ball. Oh wait they didn’t.

Guess how many years you think Gundy signs 25 kids based on his comments? Look up how many times it has actually happened.

Do what?


How is losing a recruit that hasn’t contributed a jumping from a burning ship situation? If it was a burning ship, I’m pretty sure the contributing stars would not have come back.

Having the talent for multiple high rated recruits to not be able to break into the production is a good problem to have, and one that all the competing schools will face as they get more talent than they can put on the field at one time. The transfer portal has changed the game, and this is a scenario that high rated recruits will seek out when they don’t feel like they are the top dawg they were in high school. Having recruits on the bench that aren’t talented is the burning ship…rated recruits on the bench means we are competing


Most of your rated recruits are transferring.

Rated recruits that aren’t getting playing time…you’re still not making sense.
Having multiple rated recruits on the depth chart is a good thing. You can’t play them all

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