Cale Gundy is available

Cale grabbed a kids iPad during film and started reading and read a “bad” word . And then resigned . Are we hiring him as an analyst now ?

If it helps im in.

I was told that Coach Gundy was holding a position meeting (WR). They had 20 min allotted to each position before they broke. A new player, that was a transfer guy, appeared to be taking no notes on the Ipad. Cale instructed him to take notes because they were going to be running the audibles in practice. About 10 min into the session, it still appeared as though there were little to no notes being taken by the player so Cale took his Ipad and highlighted the contents of what was on his screen. Rather than the player taking notes, the player had typed in rap lyrics. Cale started reading aloud what the player had typed and the lyrics contained 2 racial slurs. Cale told Brent. It then went up the chain and here we are.

Yea the same story was on poke report.

If there going to cancel culture cale they need to do the player that wrote it on a uo ipod tablet.

I think he would have stopped when he saw the slurs.

Ive seen a bunch of that same sentiment on the OU boards. I dont really get that stance, to be honest. I think there is a big difference between a 50yr old white guy in an authoritative position saying the word than there is a 20yr old black athlete typing it. Cale resigned, took ownership, and held himself accountable in the statement he released.

I do agree that no matter how much I love Cale, hes perfectly capable of self editing while hes reading it. Is that a mistake worthy of ending the career of a guy whos ultimately been a professional lifer at OU? In the year 2022…apparently so

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His older brother was a bad influence wearing that conservative news network t shirt.

Funny, saying the word and you loose your job, have it insinuated about you by one of your players and you get 2 1/2 million dollars raise in two years.

I find you ok for a " black" 20 year old man to misappropriate both the black cultural and university property.
I just lost my black brother inlaw. He played for ku and the black and native rugby team. Coached and educated.
He couldnt stand the word being used by blacks.

I hung out with black athletes it was perfectly fine to use the word, as someone in their circle.

Either its a fireable offense or its not. You cant have it both ways because of color of the one using it.

Im not real sure what youre asking here?

There used to be a difference be saying the word and reading it for context


Basical. Is the word offensive. Must not be the MAN used in his lyrics on an uo tablet.

He won’t be punished and his song will go vial on Twitter no because its good but it got cal fired.

Your rite how can the literature department use half the stuff they use.

Are you honestly asking if the word is offensive?

The black community use it freely.

Cal messed up by read it out loud. Should have suspended the kid man for not taking notes and using uo property to write derogatory lyrics.

Is it offensive.

Yes your in your usual mind set. Brent did nothing wrong.
Cal not coming to osu. Untouchable after the hubbard fiasco

I dont wanna put words in your mouth, so ill ask again…you are questioning whether the N word is offensive?

I never said anything about Brent doing anything wrong. You just like to argue. Hell im on an OSU site understanding why a got resigned and youre arguing that too

Of the 2 people involved only 1 thought the word was offensive. Because the kid man wrote the words, how were they offensive to him.

Cal did one thing wrong by just reading what every the kid man wrote.

Should have read it to himself. Sent the kid man to do stairs for an hour. Took the tablet to Brent. Brent should have suspended him for a game.

The kid man did 3 bad things. Not taking notes in a practice set. Misusing University property( ask your self if a regular student used University property like this, what would happen). Used " offensive " language.

You trivialize the actions of a " black" ATHLETE AT UO.

So you think ONLY Cale thinks the word is offensive?

How am I trivializing what the player did? The player failed to take notes & wrote song lyrics instead. That player isn’t the first nor the last that would do that. If you think a Caucasian person saying that word carries the same weight as if an African American player saying it…….then you’ve never been outside of Payne County. I look at it like this……it’s one thing for me to say something critical about my wife or mother. But those same exact words hit quite differently if someone else says it about my wife or mother. I’d imagine the word in question is tenfold in its weight

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I’m here for it as long as it doesn’t cause any friction.

Also love OU losing more stability, shuffling position coaches three weeks before the season, players not taking authority or preparation seriously. Hope this is Brent not being to run a program and a rebuilt team not gelling. Not saying it is that, but I want it to be that.

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Let them focus on this instead of football, they’ll cannabalize .


That’s some interesting nuance. Will have to ponder that for awhile .

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