Caleb Williams ba ha ha ha!

Transferring to USC. BEAUTIFUL.

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You love to see it! They are so dang delusional. And will change their narrative as they see fit.

2019 Sooner fans- “Lincoln is the QB whisperer! Look at what he did w/ Baker, Kyler, and Jalen. He’s an offensive genius! I’m so happy he fired Mike Stoops. Bob should have years ago. Grinch is awesome.”

2022 Sooner fans-“Glad Lincoln is gone! He sucks. He’s a traitor. Grinch’s speed D Sucks even worse than Mike Stoops. They are all going to suck at USC. Venables rocks!”

Enjoy “Big 10 Nebraska” status in your new home, dOUchebags.


Yeah, their opinion of Riley changed so fast, I got whiplash. Caleb, too.


The OU fans trashing Riley & Williams…….are idiots. Similar to idiots saying how all of a sudden the OU program is going to “crash & burn” or turn into Nebraska after losing a HC and QB. Riley is arguably the best OC in football & Williams may be a #1 overall pick. But……OU isn’t going anywhere fellas. They managed to reel in the #8 class in the country with zero HC experience and 0 wins under his belt. Hey the wheels may very well fall off. Who knows. But something tells me the program in Norman could be on the uptick

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I hope you’re wrong, but history says you’re right. They ain’t goin’ anywhere. Just wishful thinking.

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Going around talking about top 20 class is a Texas they.
Talk about the plays who u have and gained.
Riley was always talking about the oline. If it’s not better then how’s a new qb going to do better then last years qbs.
That defense may need more then a new coach.

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Recruiting rankings are more telling nowadays than they’ve ever been. Of course it’s not the end all & doesn’t guarantee wins. But, the data shows that the teams up top on a yearly basis are winning recruiting battles too. Transfer portal is definitely going to effect that, but we shall see. I’d rather take my chances with a 4 star than a 3. OU under Riley recruited great. Texas always has. But Lincoln & UT since Mack left had problems developing players once they got there. OSU & Iowa St have done more with less than anyone lately. But I think tue different mentality throughout the program starting with the hiring of Jerry Schmidt will absolutely change how players are getting developed. Teams are different every year. I agree on the defense needing more than a new coach. Scheme is overrated. That’s what left with Grinch. Scheme. Brent brings a different mentality & so does Schmiddy.

You are one of the good ones on this site. Enjoy the discussion

Thanks captain obvious. We all know the higher rank kids tend to do better. I was just pointing how many of this 8th ranked class will play next year.
I like getting guys thur the portal, but I find their not always what u think they are. Ou got alot of talent just like usc but getting players to buy in is the deal. My references are mainly for next year. Brent only has half a job to rebuild ou that’s change the culture. Riley will get by because the pac 12 sucks.

“Going around talking about top 20 class is a Texas they”

Hey boss, isn’t this a shot at me mentioning OU signing the 8th ranked class? That’s why I gave my opinion on recruiting. Also, if you want people to understand what you’re saying………help us some. Clears up the confusion.

I can tell ur mood. U are usaul argumentative. So I was clear up my stance on recruiting.
U have said anything about olines. Thats all these talk about. Like we are the only one with a disappointing oline. Texas wouldn’t throw out 50k if there was great.
Just wanted to see ur thoughts. And u can do ur predictions if there ready pal.

What are you asking about Oline? Last year, OU’s wasn’t good. OSU’s wasn’t good. Texas’s wasn’t good. I’d bet all 3 of those schools hope it’s better come August. As for OU specifically, I think it will be better. By how much? Who knows. Could it be worse? Absolutely. But again, I’m pretty sold on how much Schmiddy will do to the toughness/physicality.

You want a prediction? USC will win AT LEAST 8 games. I say they go 9-3 regular season & play for the PAC 12 title. I will hate it. I hope they lose every game. But that won’t happen. The league isn’t very good & USC will have the best QB & some better players.

Thank you, Sir. Right back at you. You’ve never been brash, arrogant or entitled. You seem intelligent, logical and able to hold reasonable conversation.

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To add to your point on OU not going anywhere, as you said they signed the #8 class in the country. This despite massive coaching upheaval within the program, player movement, and an imminent move to a tougher football conference. Sucks for the rest of us trying to get our piece of the pie, but it’s reality. Speaking of the move to the SEC, how does this affect in-state recruiting in your opinion? Do players only look at getting to play in the toughest conference while staying home to play at OU? Or do they see other factors such as increased odds of conference titles and playoff spots, thus looking at Oklahoma State? With Venables being past 50, how long do you see his era lasting?

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U must not read all his post. Oh yea get a room.


You’re correct. I don’t read them all. I work 40-50 hours per week. No room necessary. I don’t go for that direction.

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Man BV is an energetic, vibrant go-getter so who knows. I know he’s a family guy too, so that’s a tough one. I think if OU gets 6 years or more, then he was doing ok.

I think in-state recruiting goes the same as it typically always has. When OU is going really good, they try to go national with recruiting. That helps OSU get the in-state guys. OU is always going to get the lions share in-state because of what that program is. It’s not knocking OSU, it’s just fact. I do think the Conf realignment stuff will be fascinating to watch. OU will have a lower floor when it’s tough and a higher ceiling when they win. OSU I don’t think gets effected too much with any of the moves because they don’t recruit in the top 15 really anyway. They get guys and do a masterful job at development. I don’t think their overall recruiting changes all that much

You bring up an interesting point that quite a few of us have mentioned and always get roasted for among the Gundy loyalists. In his tenure, he has transformed Oklahoma State into a top 15-20 program by most measurements aside from the in-state rivalry record and conference titles. But, the overall recruiting class rankings have been in the 30s or worse for the past 5 years or so. If those classes had been in the 15 to 20 range, we might be closer to Auburn than the article from yesterday talked about.

U dnt get roasted. We just point out just like tomato slice has, u cant bring alot of high ranked players in with ou in oklahoma and were the 10th option in Texas. Those 2 states are our bread and butter recruiting grounds. It’s the same for the other 8 teams in the big 12.

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I think what got Gundy in the recruiting doghouse with some fans was the Holder comments about him needing to recruit better. Then Gundy countered that with admitting that he/they don’t really go after the 5 stars anyway. That was to the fire for the anti-Gundy crowd. But if you’re the OSU’s of the world, you have to make your hay in the development stages. OSU football is similar to what OU basketball was. The transfer portal has changed that though.