Chuba & Heisman

Chuba is an incredible football player, but just like OSU will never win the National Championship with Gundy as the HC…, OSU will not have a Heisman Winner with Gundy as the HC.

In the home stretch of the football season & the award determination, what HC pulls their candidate in game #10 and has him ride the bench for much of the 2nd half??? Now is the time the HC should be doing everything possible to help their candidates numbers/statistics.

Even though Chuba is the #1 running back in 2019, he has zero chance of winning the Heisman because of the HC he plays for…, a very sad situation for an incredible young man!

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Chuba would win the Heisman if somebody didn’t show LSU the spread offense.


The game was well in hand, Chuba had over 100 and two tds, he had done plenty. Remember we were playing Kansas and the people who vote see who were playing.

Also he’s got to think about the kid himself. If he runs Chuba 40+ times against Kansas and he gets hurt then you’ve ruined his NFL stock and we’d love to have him healthy for WVU and OU. Just check out what happened to Tua yesterday.

Plus Chuba isn’t winning anyways. Even if he has 500 yards yesterday. :man_shrugging:t2:


I’d be surprised if espn doesn’t change their QB narrative this week. With injuries and a DE being suspended, they will have to find something to argue about. Why not argue for the little guy? Even the heisman house thinks there’s too many qbs in their commercial


Tua says hi

Don’t really see this as a Gundy issue. If you are at a non-contender/blue blood you have to do something astronomical to win. If there was a real or even plausible chance that Chuba could touch Barry’s record, he might be in the discussion. As it stands there are multiple 2000 yard backs who didn’t win the heisman in the last 10 years alone.


Absolutely garbage take. I’d rather have a healthy Chuba and win games than have him get injured carrying the ball 40+ in a meaningless game like Kansas where we were already dominating the game. Joe Burrow is going to win the Heisman and I have no problem with that because he has been amazing this year.


Did you happen to see what happened to another Heisman candidate in meaningless game time???


You mean almost lost his leg?

Chuba would have Barry Sanders type numbers, but not playing for Gundy, and not with the philosophy he might get hurt if he plays. Total nonsense! This is football, not badminton, and the modern era players that have won the Heisman, played the majority of their games for the majority of possible minutes.

Barry Sanders is considered the greatest college football player ever, and if you recall, he ran up big numbers because he was allowed to play, even in wide margin wins.

If Chuba were allowed to play…, he would also have Barry Sanders type numbers. If a running back puts up Barry Sanders type numbers, he would be right in middle of the Heisman talk! But with Gundy as his HC, he will not achieve Barry’s numbers and consequently, he will be right where he is in the discussion, i.e., it’s not even a given he will get invited.

You might ask yourself what is truly at the root of Gundy not being able to recruit 4 & 5 star athletes given the phenomenal faculties we have…,

Hint: the essence of this discussion is one key component!!!

Barry also quit the game early because of terrible decision making above him.


This argument assumes everything is equal regardless of situation.
I can get killed walking across the street but if I use common sense the chances are infinitesimal, however if I throw caution to the wind and cross whenever and wherever I like then my chances of getting killed increase by orders of magnitude.
Gundy has more than just fans to worry about, recently, and I agree with him, he’s been far more conservative with players who look to have an nfl opportunity, that I would think works in his favor. He also needs to win, a healthy Chuba enhances those chances, losing him with a 3 td 2nd half lead in a game that was not in question doesn’t and he needs to keep backups both involved (think xfer portal) and warm if called upon (Dru this week as an example).
If all he was worried about was running up the score on a cellar dweller then you’d be right.

Btw I don’t think most 4&5 star recruits concern themselves with the quality of the faculty/ sarcasm.


You’re wrong…


Did you watch any games in 1988?


Went to all the home games…

Sanders was out early in many of those games in 1988


Well you must have been a toddler because Barry didn’t play very many minutes in second halves of blowouts.


Being that this is more of an anti-Gundy topic, I am curious if you would post a thread be singing his praises if Chuba broke his leg in the 4th quarter going after 200 yards or an extra TD?

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No he would be calling Gundy a horrible coach then too.

Mike Gundy has built himself into a no-win situation with the Oklahoma State fanbase. It’s amazing that a man considered to be one of the best coaches in college football for what he has done in Stillwater has such little support from his fanbase.