Chuba Hubbard, Mike Gundy Come Together for Video Promoting Change

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“I’m looking forward to making some changes, and it starts at the top with me.”

Yet Kyle Boone still feels the need to stir the pot by tweeting “Chuba is the only one who apologized.” Dude, you’re not doing anything except trying to get people pissed off.

Just stop


Well, in his defense, he didn’t. At least he’s reporting facts.


Now that’s the Cowboy Way to handle stuff! I feel better. Proud of both!


True…but I mean even tre sterling told him to give it a rest. We get the point…you think Mike Gundy is a jerk


Gundy is a certified d!ckhead but why continue stirring the pot? I’m down for a good Gundy bashing when he deserves it like he did earlier but after they players and him seem to have found a resolution you still are trying to cause drama is ridiculous.


How is Kyle Boone still a part of this website?


This seems to be an unpopular opinion, so far, here. But, what Kyle Boone reported was true. Gundy never apologized, probably because he doesn’t believe he did anything wrong. I get irritated by the way Gundy releases statements that are supposed to be “apologetic” in nature and they end up being self-serving lip-service. They are nearly always like this one.

“I realized that this is a very sensitive issue” - Really!? Have you been living under a rock?

Chuba started off with how he approached it in the wrong way. Apologizing.

I guess I just want to see a shred of humility from one of the most public figures Oklahoma State has ever had. His ego is unchecked and is becoming a liability for our school.


Boone roped everyone into a storm. Way to be “that dude” Kyle!


What an absolute dumpster fire this blog has become.


Mine was too…So “first amendment” rights only count if you run the website, not if you disagree with them

ok that’s fair…but the players seemed to have reached a point where they feel like they were heard and ready to move forward. Especially if Tre Sterling, who was 100% with Hubbard, said to cool it.

it just comes across as hoping to stoke the flames. and it also alienates your target demographic (OSU fans reading an OSU blog). this blog has criticized Gundy for alienating people…what do you call stuff like this?

if the players themselves feel good about what was said…then what’s your goal here?


Fair. It did seem a bit unnecessary. But Gundy’s response (like lately) seemed very flimsy and it would have been nice to see him a bit humble.

This is far and away the best outcome for OSU. Both Hubbard and Gundy handled it like men. Gundy did not have anything to apologize for and only weak people apologize when they are not wrong.

The only person who will come out of this thing looking worse than he did before is Kyle Boone. I will keep my thoughts on him to myself because they would get my post flagged if I posted them.


agreed, I really would’ve liked to have heard him say “I was dead wrong and tone deaf” or something like that. but he obviously said enough to make the people who matter most feel better about it. who knows what was said in their private meeting.

Once again, PFB leaves out a relevant tweet.

What did Tre Sterling have to say @kyleboone
@marshall ?

You started this national outrage, time to own it. ALL of it


It’s time for Boone to move on to the team to the south.

As for the video - it was nice to see Gundy take control of the situation, and especially great to see he didn’t grant an unnecessary apology. I have a newfound respect for Gundy based on how he handled this manufactured sh*t storm. Hopefully he will react the same way on the field this year.

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It won’t work itself out overnight but it’s a start. Go Pokes! Have those uncomfortable conversations and make yourselves better for it. Build a stronger bond that way when times are tough on and off the field you will fight for one another that much harder!


Wouldn’t give Kyle Boone the time of day, if I had a say about it. Treat him and this site like Sports Illustrated. You’re always stirring the pot. What a worm.

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So you’re upset that Kyle reported…exactly what happened?

Chuba apologized. Gundy didn’t. That happened.

I get you’re probably mad at Kyle, but take a page from Chuba and Gundy and try forgiveness.

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