Comparing Gundy's Bedlam Record against Other Rivalries

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Adding a little context to a lopsided rivalry.

Wow LSU fired a guy who had a 10% better winning percentage than Gundy and a National Championship and since have had a National Championship and Heisman.

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wish Gundy just acted like he cared more about Bedlam, because it’s just not “any other game on the schedule”

these next few “Our Time” episodes will be interesting, to see how they approach Bedlam behind the scenes.

Last time Gundy won Bedlam everyone had just got their iPhone 6. The iPhone 6S was still a year away.

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I don’t think Malzahn was ever at Florida…

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@KyleCox you left out Pappy Waldorf who went undefeated (3-0-2) against the Sooners while head coach of Oklahoma A&M.


I noticed there wasn’t another school that let their coach stay long enough to go 2-13 against their rival. Every school in the conference except Kansas and West Virginia have a better winning percentage against OU in the last 15 years.


None of the best coaches in OSU history have beaten OU. It’s not a “Gundy vs OU” problem, it’s an “OSU vs OU” problem. It’s only highlighted under Gundy because A) it’s current and B) he’s statistically the best coach OSU has ever had. Jimmy Johnson left and won college and NFL championships, and he never could beat OU. Pat couldn’t do it with the greatest running back in college football history. If you still think this is a Gundy issue and not a result of OU being flat out more prominent and stacked than OSU, you need to go reread this article.


Having personally heard it from inside sources within the program, Gundy used to highlight and express bedlam as more than just another game, but after a few years he felt that pressing the team was making them over-amp themselves and play poorly against Ou. So he scaled it back to counteract that and tried to make it sound like Ou is nothing to get jittery about, and that has backfired too. I think he’s tried just about everything he’s could, from going balls out (2017, 2018) to being more conservative (2019, 2015 with injured QBs) and nothing works. I think he needs to stick to a happy medium and stop overthinking the gameplan. In 2014 they were extremely balanced, going for big shots at times and holding back for short gains at others, and the pace kept the ball moving and they won. Even in 2011 they didn’t come out launching hail Mary’s all day, they just put 6-7 guys inside the hashes and let Randle and Smith destroy them. He needs to find that happy medium next week.


That doesn’t explain the six schools in the conference with a better winning percentage. Don’t tell me winning against OSU means more than beating Texas in the Red River Rivalry. It’s just more of a sure thing.


Nothing explains u ar1

The same guy who will 0 and 10 this yr

The same guy who took a good 3 and 9 team to 0and 10

I’ve come up with my own tin foil hat theory that is 100% bulletproof. OSU wins bedlam in 2014, why? Because it was the “who cares Bowl” both teams were bad that year.

I have it on good authority (my gut) that behind the scenes the OU and OSU brass made a covenant. OSU can go wherever OU goes in conference realignment…as long as OSU throws every Bedlam game where there are high stakes for both teams, or just for OSU. This way OSU can always be in a power conference, but the OU big wigs don’t have to worry about lil bro starting to steal their limelight. This allows OSU to have good teams who are usually better than the rest of the conference, serving up a marquee ranked win for OU on a silver platter.

Case closed. No questions.

I actually like that.

Out of ou who has a winning record against Gundy. Before u start comparing look down

Looks like another has gone to the dark side

2 bedlam stories ur going to make the wannabe ou guys hyper ventilate

Over the past decade, it absolutely does mean more. OSU has been in the conference title conversation a lot more than Texas has, and since 2010, 7 of the 10 bedlam games have either been for a de facto conference title or a conference title game birth.

Your right Malzahn never coached for the Gators and the Navy HC started 10-0 vs Army not 0-10. This research is so weak.