Controversial Fourth Down Ruling Dooms OSU in Ames

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OSU turned it over on downs in a drive-killer that ultimately ended the game.

What about the multiple questionable play calls? 56 yard FG? Do we have an NFL kicker hidden on the roster? Game ending play pass behind the line? Poor decision making.


He was over the line to gain.
I like that play call with everyone keying on Warren.


We made that play. I have no doubt about it. But it is what it is. Now we need to win out, including beating OU and perhaps playing Istate in the B12 champ where we can get our revenge


Leaving the odds of making it to the conference championship in the hands of beating OU means we aren’t getting to Arlington.

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Yes it is unfortunate that our kickers decided to pick this game to suck balls

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Yea I understand, you have to have a LOT of faith and I mean a LOT to think we can win out

I don’t like the ball throw behind the line on 4th down in this situation. I love the RPO plays too much. Roll it out on a boot play. Sanders could had ran more on Iowa State. Our QB is faster than most of the players on that Iowa State roster. I pray our O’line is much better next year.


I think it was the controversial 32 runs through the same gap that doomed them.

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:arrow_up: this right here!!! You should go interview for the OC job once they force Dunn out after this season.

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We’ve had what? Maybe two decent offensive lines since Wickline left? You better pray hard and pray a lot.

If anyone is questioning Gundys conservative play calling and/or the decision to kick the FG instead of go for it……then you haven’t watched OSU all year. This has been the M.O. for this bunch. Run it & play defense. It got the Cowboys a W last week in Austin & almost did in Ames. I’ve said that it couldn’t last all year & today was the day that the game plan didn’t result in a W.

That was a well player game. Two good defenses. Now someone has to beat OU, which after today……doesn’t look real tough

Where is Robert? He told me we would be 8-0 going into November. What happened?

You don’t stick a kicker out there to try and boot a 50 yarder or more. Especially when it’s 4th and 1 from the 39 yard line and you’re up 7-0, and the defense has proven to you through six games they are solid and will help you immensely. It was a mighty stupid call.


Believe me I’d love too lol, I’m dead serious. I wanna go back and get a degree. I think Gundy has a different philosophy offense tho. He really wants to go back to pro style offense but out O’line needs a lot of work. Our O’line is built for RPO.

Iowa St is different than what we’ve played this year

Also OU has 3 good chances to lose. Their defense is worse than Iowa State. We can run against OU with the same play all day.

Don’t know if I would go that far. Texas stopped us for three quarters, and the only reason they didn’t stop it in the 3rd was because they ran out of gas.

I’m an OU fan……we’re not very good defensively. I think we CAN be because it’s the same players as last year, off a bunch that was ok. But man 8 games is enough to convince me otherwise

As long as you can prove you’ll make a boneheaded play call with the game on the line you’ll probably get hired.