Cowboys Open as 2.5-Point Underdogs against Notre Dame

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The Cowboys open as dogs in the desert.

Surprised it wasn’t higher.

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If we don’t have Jaylen Warren playing and Danny G. at center, then just forget about that predicted score. Would our running back hopefuls for next season have looked better if we had our usual starters on the O line? I sure hope so because at this point I see no star running back emerging from the minus Jaylen Warren RB stable. Without Warren it was like watching the current OSU basktetball team without Cade Cunningham.
Good luck to Gundy on the recruiting trail this week. But we need a group prayer that he picks up a good QB from the portal and Sanders sits next season.

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I think Nixon looked like he could be promising. I don’t expect him to be good until maybe his junior season though. As far as I’m concerned with the OL it’s just been a total guessing game. I do have the same opinion you stated.

We aren’t going to win this game at all with a high school offense and QB that hasn’t developed in four years. We are really going to need Warren and Godlevske back just to have a chance.

My account is all screwed up can’t reply more the 3 times. I noticed u have no faith in Knowles. U said we are waste a good defense. So u know Knowles can’t keep it up.
U also said u were a fair balance guy. But u never said anything good. So u just continue to lie to us.

Why r good coaches like riley and Campbell going to none top 6 bowls. What bowl was a chit bowl last year who is going to it. U ignore everything. Why u can’t explain why gundy wins so much. But, ur chit coaches suck Air.
He is something u need to think about. Noter dame beat 2 teams with winning records. Mite want to look a lil closer at noter dame or hope they all set out for the pros like the Miami game.

What I like u have been wrong more times then not, actually ever time u speak. But ur a genius and we should fellow u blindly. Gundy has won is winning. U pick guys like the coaches of Indiana and Tulane.

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I have faith in Knowles. I just don’t have any in Gundy. I think we can all agree that when OSU has a good thing going Gundy is pretty good about making sure to squash it at the tail end.

Riley had won four straight conference titles. Campbell has just as many NY6 bowl wins in 6 seasons at Iowa State as Gundy does in 17 seasons at OSU. That’s a really stupid comparison. Then again, you’re a very stupid person.

  1. It’s “Notre” Dame.

  2. I wouldn’t put it past Gundy to find a way to lose to them. We have a high school offensive playbook with a high school QB.

You’re right. I was definitely wrong to think Gundy would win this last weekend. Against my better judgment I should’ve went with the coach that took a 2 win team to the conference title game.

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Once again u ignore every point.
If Knowles is good we will have high caliber defense.

U dnt know anything about nd, yes they have looked good against a half dozen 3 and 9 teams.

Campbell is maxed out. Nd would rather go with an unproven coach the campbell.
Riley is running scared.
How is boynton and his high recurits doing.

U completely didn’t even face the Tulane and Indiana questions.

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ND didn’t want to lose their best recruiting class in years if their DC and OC also left the program. They’d be left with nothing just like OU is right now.


You have to have a valid point to make first.

If u could actually be rite one time is the most valid point I can make.

I love how u ignore questions u know u can’t wiggle out of. Ur problem is when u and ur drunk buddy’s get together. They never remember all the chit u say.

In the real world people can remember. I do because I’ve never heard stupider stuff. That chit stick out.

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The proper word is “dumber” and it looks like I’m right when I stated that I don’t think OSU would see another conference championship as long as Gundy is still around.

Just like no regular season title no new years bowl. Tulane and Indiana are good teams Campbell can coach. Yea u were rite on all that stuff.

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We cannot depend on a QB after four years in the program and is still a libility on the field. Play calling will continue to be humdrum when under pressure. With only a Double Reverse with a receiver or an off target Hail Mary throw with double coverage to Tay Martin. Dunn either can not decide what to do and just runs the ball into a brick wall and the under pressure and can not think at all? Dunn needs to go. We need the short slants. Quick plays and hope our receives can make yardage after the catch. Not the quick flanker throws that are going no where and sometimes for a loss… At this point we can only HOPE Saunders can make the short quick throws leading the receiver, so the defender does not catch it… and still get by the humdumb plays every two calls or so… I HOPE… won’t bet on it!!!


I see ur a double downer.
I say 19 and 5 is no reason to move on this. Made post play every year. Unlike boynton. Who already has his 3rd loss. Knowles was give time till he had guys old enough to retire.
I remember when Knowles defensed only half the field. Look what has changed given time.
Unlike Knowles dunn has a shortage of players from Gleason. So get another better class in. They will get better.
We still have portal we have got good players last couple of years. With 5 4 star offensive players coming in.

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Can Ellington play in the bowl game without burning his redshirt? If not, surely he will be our starter next year. If not, he will likely transfer. OH Lord …

Yes he can play and persevere his redshirt. That oline would have to improve a lot. But then Sanders would be just that much better too

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I see that Quinn Ewers has entered the transfer portal.

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I don’t even know why you guys even care about this game? Nobody remembers and it sure doesn’t do anything for any team the next year. Playoffs have killed all other bowl games. They are meaningless now.

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Pluse I’m sure the good seniors on ND will sit or not play to get ready for the combine. Usually not the two same teams playing.

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