Cox: Five Things I Learned about Oklahoma State in Bedlam 2020

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A reality check for OSU.

I don’t see this nightmare coming to an end. Gundy has talked about (not my words but his) this teams talent and work ethic being the best he’s had. How many more years? 3, 5, 10 ? He won’t be 65 for another 12 years. Les Miles is 67 and still coaching. Bill Snyder coached till he was 79. Are you prepared for another 26 years of this? That would make it 2-40. OU would lead the series 116-18-7. If we don’t want to improve, why are we doing this at all?

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HCJK anyone???

I thought the above points were the only level headed comments so far until mentioning the part that Gundy plays. The article should have stopped after mentioning the injuries and the lack of 4 and 5 star talent. Gundy has said they recruit 4 stars but they don’t want to come to OSU. So how is Gundy to be blamed for talent not wanting to wear the orange and black?

Who is JK?

There is a fail proof way to be a happy OSU sports fan. Expend your energies on the several sports where we excel. Wrestling, X country, Golf, Baseball, potentially a return to basketball glory, and several of the women’s sports. Take anything positive from football for what it is and don’t expect greatness. OSU has a great athletic program; football is just not one of the key reasons.


5 Thing I Learned From 2020 Bedlam:

  1. Gundy still has the same defeatism attitude for Bedlam before the game even gets started. The Gundy philosophy of “It’s better to lose than to change” is still in full swing and will continue to be until he retires.

  2. Still the same excuses as there always has been. I’m convinced (and I’m sure others are) that you could give Gundy an Alabama roster every year and he would still find a way to lose to OU.

  3. The fact that’s he’s 1-3 in this series as a favorite tells me that even as an underdog he has no chance. The only chance he has at another Bedlam victory is if he recruits in the top 10 the next four seasons creating a senior laden team and staying home for the Bedlam game and not even showing up. His coaching is an absolute dagger being shoved into the players.

  4. It shouldn’t take a 2-14 record in Bedlam to show you he has an OU problem. Look at how much success he had as a player. Look at how successful his prior coordinators in 2010-2011 made him? That USED to be a product of Gundy finding the best coaches possible. Now I think he’s just surrounded himself with yes men.

  5. As one person stated before “We have Top 10 facilities, and our coach can’t even recruit in the top 40.” THAT is one reason why Gundy never has the depth or talent to challenge OU as well. His first six seasons he recruited fairly well even before OSU won 11 or 12 games and we got a Big 12 title out of it. Since then OSU is just kind of standing out there waiting to be picked up by a bus. Most of that goes back to my #4 point. He hired good assistants and not yes men.

Stillwater may not be the best destination for a recruit, but if your going to be spending most of your time on campus utilizing athletic facilities OSU has some of the best in the country and a coach needs to be able to market them well.

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I’m thinking more along the lines of HC Zac Robinson or Brandon Weeden. Two guys that have publicly stated they hate losing with a passion. Doesn’t seem to bother our current HC any longer.

It’s hard for a coach to stay 20 years at one place. Even if it’s your alma mater … still think Gundy is a good coach, he seems burned out. Unless he catches fire in him to up recruiting and a different scheme it will stay this way. I’m proud he hasn’t recruited thugs and cancers in the locker room… I want a offensive coordinator that goes balls out and wants to crush whoever we are playing

I am a die hard fan who goes back to the Phil Cutchin days. I love OSU. I graduated in 1977. I cheered Barry Sanders and Thurman Thomas and consider the Weedon to Blackmon Air Raid offense the best we ever had. And I am telling you as sure as Pistol Pete wears orange: It.Is.Time.For.Gundy.To.Go.

What scares me the most is that OSU Athletics is not real great in coaching search department. The last thing we need is the football version of Travis Ford.


phillip6 given your graduation date I’m surprised that you didn’t mention Terry Miller as he was the star when you were at school. I’m a 1978 graduate and had Terry in a couple classes which was pretty cool. In any case I am sad to say that I agree with you regarding the needed HC change. It appears to me that the program has stagnated and some new blood is needed to try and get things moving again. Some will say that we risk going back to a losing record if we make a coaching change and that is true but for me beating OU once in a blue moon and never playing for the Big12 championship is just the same as having a loosing record. We need to go all in on getting this program into championship contention or just move on and focus on other things we can be successful at whatever they may be.

i really don’t think that’s true. i think he avoids 4-star talent because he assumes he won’t get them. But Boynton doesn’t seem to be having any trouble getting 4 and 5 star talent to stilly.
that said - this happens every single year. We lose bedlam, whether it’s an a$$-whooping like yesterday - or a heartbreaking super close game… either way, fans call for Gundy’s head. OSU has lost 2 games. only Iowa St is ahead of us in the standings but they also have a really tough remaining schedule and will likely lose at least one of those.
But “fire gundy”?

Do yourselves a favor and stay out of comment sections of national (or non-OSU friendly) websites and you won’t have to read comments from the sh1t-talking dudes who wrap their entire personas around booming and soonering - and you’ll be happier.

If you think this OSU team has any chance at getting to a big 12 title game (let alone winning it) with the current offense we have now then you need to stop drinking.

I know this is random and a little off topic but is there any truth to OU fans assaulting one of OSU’s football managers? I remember when OSU had a cheerleader fake like he was trying to trip Eric Striker, OU made a huge deal about that. I don’t think the OSU cheerleader even touched him and he was reprimanded by OSU for it. If this is true what I’m hearing why isn’t this a bigger deal? If it is true and there is video are assault and battery charges appropriate?

It is now simply time for Gundy’s head.

In my opinion, he has done a fantastic job at oSu, besides Bedlam. It’s simply time to move on and not accept this failure anymore.

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Could Gundy’s dismal Bedlam record have anything to do with his dismal recruiting?

Stillwater is one of the best college towns in the country, that’s NOT an excuse. You think Norman is any better? Spent a semester there, it’s not a fantastic town nor is the campus laid out better than oSu’s which is much more convenient. Football players are TOO busy to have much free time anyway to be enjoying things in big cities.

Not the main excuse you should use this year because our roster is clearly the best in the Big 12. Try crappy game plans and playcalling!!!

Just saw a report about that, they’re looking into it so seems to have some merit but they said “fanszzz” plural, on the Daily Joklahoman’s website.

Why have our recent OCs gotten away from going fast and running slant routes? When you OL is over matched, going fast is how you blitz the Defense.