Daily Bullets (June 12): Chuba, Tylan are All-Americans, Poke 2B Went in the Third Round

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The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: perfectly roasted in historic Guthrie. Two bags ship free. Order now! OSU Bullets • Chuba Hubbard and Tylan Wallace were named Walter Camp All-Americans for the preseason • If you’re a betting man, YahooSports says to take Gundy’s Pokes over the Texas Longhorns for the Big 12 Championship. Best value: Oklahoma State +800 Texas has more all-around talent, but with the amount of star power Oklahoma State is returning on offense, it would be hard to question anybody who took a flier on the Cowboys at 8-1 compared to Texas’ +130 odds. [YahooSports] • The Seattle Mariners took the Cowboys’ second baseman in the third round • ESPN’s Jay Bilas may be my favorite college basketball commentator now – just look at how he went to bat for the Pokes. “The postseason ban, I feel in this case, is egregious,” Bilas told the O’Colly. “It is over-punishing, and the punishment is not in any way proportional to the charge.” [O’Colly] • Missed this in Thursday’s Bullets – Pokes lost a commit from the loaded 2020 wrestling class • According to this piece, OSU doesn’t have the blue-chip ratio to compete…

Hey Steven, loved the Chuba link calling on us all to be the change. I couldn’t agree more! Question though (mainly for KP), is this site going to be part of the change too? I ask that because you’ve allowed several blatantly racist comments to remain up on your forum. As the owner of the site, I would challenge you to not allow this type of behavior in the future, and instead name it for what it is instead of letting folks use your platform to sow misinformation, racist comments, and damaging rhetoric. When I reported this type of behavior, you messaged me saying, “We agree there is an issue and we’re looking into it.” but nothing was done aside from locking the thread about 24 hours later.

I really hope that you’ll be an ally to all of the people of color that are players, students, fans, and alumni in the OSU community. Please don’t allow this site to become a place where damaging and spiteful rhetoric is seen with a blind eye.

All of the following direct quotes (and more) are still up on this thread: Spencer Sanders Was Right

Article “The Myth of Systemic Police Racism” linked by jefferson

“Wake up people, you’re being played.” - TayJ in response to complaints about police racism

“If blacks don’t want to be grouped in with other black people then maybe some of these groups should stop associating all white people with white privilege” - joe15

“…even as a percentage of the population, black people killed by police than white people or whatever. While racist people exist, the system isn’t rigged against minorities, no matter how much the media harps on it. It is a lie.” - TayJ

Article “7 Statistics That Show That ‘Systemic Racism’ Doesn’t Exist In Policing” linked by TayJ

“So when I hear the words “white privilege” I have to take it with a grain of salt. Because in reality systematic racism exists in all races despite what brainwashing you have been through.” - Joe15

“So how in the world should a black person know what it feels like to be white? If I’m going to be held to a certain standard then shouldn’t that stand be equal regardless of race?” - Joe15

“I’m sorry but this privilege thing you speak about and other white people is well…a slap in my great,great,great ext. grandparents face” - jeff16

“so for all the hard working successful African Americans do you call them black privileged.” - jeff16

“until someone comes up to me and hands me something and says I’m giving you this because your white Which has never happened to me i will always be proud of what I worked so hard to for and nobody like you or all the other white apologist out there will take that from me.” - jeff16

“This very same thing could happen to me or you by a bad cop if we put ourselves in dangers way by doing criminal activity and not complying to law enforcement directions. I’m referring to the other high profile white cop on black that has happened before this. In every case there has been a black guy doing something wrong and not Complying to cops orders.” - jeff16

“In the world of social media which is taking down the country faster than racism” - jeff16

“These [white privilege] are also in my eyes and others trigger words and is not making the situation better. If you can have respect by not using these words to some people all I ask is to have the same respect to others because people do think these words are offensive.” - jeff16