Daily Bullets (Nov. 13): OSU Lands a QB Commitment, Old OSU Coordinator Let Go

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So would we be open to bringing back Mike Y? :thinking:

Bullets are always good - but that Twitter vid…man, it got really dusty in here fast!!
Good work, as always!

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Rather have Monken back but wouldn’t hate Yurcich coming back. What’s the precedent on this sort of thing? Is it common for OCs to go back to the school that launched their careers after “failing” at “better” opportunities?

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I think it depends on what terms that person left on.

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Yeah those types of videos always hits me in the feels.

I’d take Yurcich back in a heartbeat. He was far superior at the job that Dunn ever thought about being. He’s being Franklin’s fall guy at Penn St. because Franklin is taking heat for not winning the big games. Yurcich’s offense has averaged 37.7 points per game this year, good enough for 15th in the country. Even against Michigan, their stats were pretty similar, except Michigan had about a 7 minute advantage in time of possession–that’s not on the offense.

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Absolutely. Yurcich is an Elite Offensive Coach. Unless we could get Josh Hensen, which is unlikely, Yurcich is my clear #1 pick.

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Gundy mentioned in the news conference that he keeps in touch with Yurcich when he is in proximity to him so some form of connections are still there

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To pile on here. Of our 3 elite OC’s - Holgy, Monkey, and Shippy - Yurcich is the only “program builder” AND elite play caller.

I just looked at both Ohio State and Michigan’s seasons. No, Penn State didn’t light either up, but the scored right about average for the tOSU and Mich opponents.

Let’s get Yurcich back and tear up the new Big 12.


I’d be in for that. Say Sayonara to Dunn completely or keep him around as a high ranking assistant and recruiter? I don’t even know anymore with him. Seems like he used to have the recruiting chops.

@ot1 “Yurcich is the only “program builder” AND elite play caller”

What program did he build?!?!? OSU?!?! Ohio ST?!?! Texas?!?! Penn ST?!??! BALLGAME. ITS OVER. You have officially lost the right to engage with someone as intelligent as myself. The dud has been the actual play caller for 3 seasons after he left OSU and he got canned. This is the cutest little thing you couldve said. MIKE YURCICH ISNT IN THE SAME BALLPARK AS HOLGERSON AND MONKEN AS OC’S

Thought I would step in it since I don’t know any better. First of all Monken in his second stint and Holgerson weren’t around OSU long enough to be program builders. Both did some really good things though. Of the three (Yurcich, monken, Holgerson) Monken to me is the best. Now Yurcich is guilty of a little program building at OSU, he brought in Mason Rudolph and presided over that era where our offense was pretty high flying, Of course other teams in the B12 were doing similar things so we weren’t that unique. We also had a shi%ty defense like most of the B12 back then as well. Going forward Yurcich got fired from Texas because of a head coaching change, happens to the best of them. Don’t know why his stay at tOSU was short, perhaps he just wanted an OC job and tOSU wasn’t willing to make that move, really don’t know. I do know that he was instrumental in getting CJ Stroud, to come to tOSU so that is something. Again don’t know about the Pen State deal but he wasn’t there long enough to have a measurable impact IMO. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he was just sacrificed in order for the HC to keep his job.

@bruce4 Ok, I’ll do this with you because your entire post was well stated.

If someone wants to argue whether Yurcuch was a good OC or not, so be it. If someone wants to argue whether he caught some bad breaks at a few stops, so be it. But for someone to argue that he somehow is a program builder……when he’s never even been a HC……is laughable to me. You say he is “guilty of a little program building” in Stillwater. He was there for 6 seasons. Two of those, including the last year, he went 7-6. During that span, they never finished inside the top 10. Gundys most successful individual years……came before and after Yurcich. If you guys wanna say he was a really good OC……fine. But you two are putting him in the same company as Holgerson & Monken……I don’t see it. At all.

He wasn’t the OC @Ohio St. Wasn’t the OC@Texas under Herman. You say he was instrumental in getting CJ Stroud….a guy named Ryan Day was the QB coach at the time and had put in miles with Stroud before Yurcich even got on the staff. I’m not saying he did nothing, but overlooking Ryan Day is a misstep. If Yurcich was such a bigtime recruiter…….why didn’t he bring in the same type of players before or after Ohio St? You & I could get a 5 star QB to come to Columbus. That ain’t hard to do.

Yep he was Ryan Day said so

Just saying the Yurcich was a good OC for us. He at least stuck around for more than one year which is a plus in my book. With out him and his ability to get MR who knows what would have happened.

He was a good OC. No argument here. But that’s not what that other cowboy said.

Well he said that Yurcich was a program builder and I could buy into that. Certainly not at the level of a HC but still there were accomplishments, most of which we don’t know about, that may still be a positive impact to the program today. Again from a pure talent perspective he’s probably not as good as Holgerson and certainly not Monken but because he wasn’t a one and done coach like the other two I’ll bet he had just as good or even better contributions to the program overall because he was actually around long enough to make significant things happen.

There’s a major difference between “Good OC” and “program builder”. Again……Mike Gundy had his best success prior to Yurcich. How in the world either of you can say a COORDINATOR for 6 years, who never revel made it to the top 10……was a program builder!!! When I think of who is responsible for what this OSU Cowboy program is……Yurcich is never mentioned, by anyone. My definition of program builder requires more than that. But hey, I respect your opinion. It was stated well & like an adult. So agree to disagree.

My point is all three OC’s under discussion contributed significant things to help build the program. We also have OC’s haven’t done as much. One could also argue that Dunn has done some significant things but not as an OC but instead as the receivers coach. Sorry but I think that this is as clear as I can make it.