Daily Bullets (Oct. 25): Mike Gundy is Back to Winning, 'Wildly Entertaining' Season in Stillwater Continues

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“Wildly entertaining” is not how I’d describe this season. Wildly frustrating, infuriating, maddening, wasted opportunity–there’s lots of better descriptors.


That’s a bit over dramatic wouldn’t you say? Yea we shouldn’t have lost to S Alabama but things have seemed to turn around, especially on offense. Defense certainly needs some work as we are living on borrowed time with the the way they are performing currently. Even with two losses everything is still in play going forward. It could be a lot worse.


Yeah, but how long did it take? Offense has been an issue pretty much since Dunn’s first year as OC. I can agree things are better, but I also understand people have a right to still be infuriated and frustrated at how the season started out. We had the fourth easiest P5 schedule in the country to start the season.

So I can see looking back now from what we’ve seen the past three weeks there was absolutely no reason to play musical chairs with our quarterbacks, and not give the best player on offense the freaking football.

We could be sitting at 7-0 right now, probably ranked in the top 15, and controlling our own destiny to the CCG. Instead we’re at the mercy of other teams in the conference losing because we can’t beat Iowa State. There’s nothing “wildly entertaining” about that.

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Coulda, woulda shoulda. We could be doing a lot of things, we could be Georgia or we could be Cincinnati. There are lots of pieces of the puzzle to a successful season many of which are out of the control of the head coach and yes the head coach is going to make mistakes too, we all do because we are human. Why you waste your time pointing out everyone’s imperfections is beyond me.


Billy doesnt understand alot. Like he worship chris at ksu because he got a couple of wins over ou. But, chris is 1 and 5 against gundy. He does get people match up different and we you play them makes a difference.

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Because you need to hold people accountable. It’s not an imperfection when you’re in year 19 and try to play three quarterbacks against a G5 team that went 10-3 the previous year and returned 18 starters, and not give the best player the ball. I’m not going to say everything Gundy does is stupid, but with his experience in football and the 30+ years he been coaching it he should know better.

1-1 when it comes to conference titles. The difference here is Chris has only been at K State since 2019.

Its not your job to hold anybody accountable. You have napoleon complex. Chris has chit load of nattys, at leastways thats what you tell us. He is 1 and 5. Get a grip. Captain obvious you are.

I think the fans probably have the largest voice out of anyone when it comes to holding someone accountable. When fans decide to stop showing up the boosters notice. When the boosters notice they hold back donations. When donations are held back and tickets aren’t selling the AD is stuck with only one choice. You really don’t know how this works, do you?

Lol you are rite. The problem is were sellout and ive heard record amout of donations. All of which have nothing to do with you.

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Says the guy who swore up and down Rangel was the guy. You’re going to rip Gundy for playing multiple quarterbacks but yet Rangel was much better than the other 2 in your opinion.

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:man_facepalming: Currently selling out games and ticket revenue at an all time high.


@bill18 is the vocal minority, self appointed to speak for the majority. Well actually self appointed to be THE opinion for all things OSU. Right @bill18 ? Did I get that right?


Bunch of suckers. Don’t they know that Gundy is intentionally cratering the program?

P.S. My Over 6.5 Wins is looking ok right now.


I never said it had to be this year for it to happen.

“is the vocal minority, self appointed to speak for the majority.”

You’re right. I’m not good with just making any normal bowl game almost nearly every single season. It gets a little redundant if you ask me.

Cult members always are calling for the end of days.

Ollie Gordon had 3 carries against USA. Forget the stupidity of playing 3 different qbs when your best player touches the ball a mere 3 times. That 100% is on Gundy and Dunn and is unacceptable.

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Funny that you should mention a cult considering your worship of Gundy. He’s perfect, right? At least that’s the impression one would get from you.

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