Davonte Davis Decommits

This is really upsetting. When a guy of his caliber commits early, you don’t recruit over him. It’s wrong. We as a fan base don’t appreciate players stringing “us” along in recruiting. It’s not #Loyal&True. It’s just wrong. Not what if you don’t land Cade, Bryce, or Walker. This could go downhill quickly. I guess I just hoped Boyton wouldn’t be that coach. Oh well.

So when there is a generational talent, a possible #1 pick, that you’ve been recruiting before anyone else you just give up? Sorry but I completely disagree.


Well he wasn’t recruited over, as we don’t have any other commitments… so…


Boynton’s job is to recruit the best possible players to his team. Period. When Davis committed, it was likely a pipe dream to have CC AND Walker AND Bryce AND JT Thor AND Jaylin Williams all in the mix to be Cowboys. He was likely hoping to get Davis and maybe one or two of the others. Now that things are the way they are, I still don’t in any way believe that Boynton told him to decommit. It’s more likely that he came to Boynton to ask what was up and the two talked out what would be best for him, which ended up being this. This isn’t a force-out. This isn’t ‘too bad, we don’t want you now’. This is a ‘I think both sides would be better off if we parted ways’ sort of thing. And you know what? If things go sideways with the rest of the class, there is ZERO reason why Davis couldn’t be back in orange and black at the end of things.


I never said you “give up”. I’m saying he had to have some feel for how Davis was feeling about all this. I doubt Davis said he didn’t want to play with those guys so yes, I feel like it was more of a “thanks but no thanks” by the Staff. Also, there is 0% chance that if these guys don’t work out that Davis comes back. I would love for someone to explain how that conversation goes? “Hey, we like these guys better, but if they don’t work out you should come on back”? I feel like people don’t put themselves in the mindset they would have had at 17 or 18. At that age, it’s very personal. Why wouldn’t you make sure Davis stays and tell the rest it’s first come first serve? What’s wrong about that?

Let’s look at it from their perspective. Say Davis stayed. When does he play?

If we pull in CC/Bryce/Walker (plus Miles if he’s part of the package), our guards next year will be:

Where would Davis play there, realistically speaking? Drop out Miles, put in Davis. Is he going to play over CC/Bryce? No. What about Ice? Doubtful. Walker, Anderson, and Harris all have to get theirs too, so that would put him as the low man on the depth chart. That’s a bad spot to be. Why not play the field, see what else is out there and, if things don’t work, come back since you left on good terms?


It sucks. You never want to have to do this. At the same time, this is big boy college sports and Boynton’s job is on the line. We can’t afford to fall behind any further in basketball. If cutting ties with Davis helps solidify a monster class you have to do it.

Listen. I’m not ripping anyone in the situation. I just don’t like when you have the original guy in a class getting pushed out by guys later in the process. Just my personal opinion. Now the fact still remains that if it doesn’t pay off, it will look really foolish.

I think … this is kinda just how it goes?

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Yo, he has stayed committed to oSu & it’s mad respect for him for that. Truth to tell, was looking forward to watching him hoop in Stillwater. Left handed guards are crafty & bring a different dynamic to the game. There is no question he would be a priority over Walker had there been no ties to Cunningham. The podcast MB was on over the summer mentioned he learned a thing or two when it came to recruiting higher level talent.

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I get what you’re saying, but look at the schools that OSau wants to be mentioned with. Kansas, Kentucky, ect. I understand “blue bloods” and everything, but heck Duke brought in the top 3 players in the class last year? That all played the same spot. It feels more like this was a “we aren’t firing you, but you should resign” situation. Does that make any sense, or am I just crazy?

On top of all of it. I’m not sure Davis won’t be better than some of the guys we are recruiting over him.

That’s the risk you take when you start recruiting at the level that Boynton is trying to recruit. Right now Cade and Bryce are projected as first round draft picks. You have to trust the scouting of the coaches to decide who best fits in the system they are trying to build.

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You always are trying to top yourself in recruiting. This sentiment is losers sentiment.

He’s not better than Cade or Bryce.

He’s better than any other player that we have committed. Losing players over the thought of getting others is a risky thing. Ford recruited well too. Didn’t make much difference.

They wouldn’t move on from Davis with this many open spots unless they were 100% convinced what was about to happen.

Ford won’t be recruiting like this.

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What do you mean by “recruited over”…? That’s not what happened here, bud.