Defense Tracker: Cowboys on Pace for Historic Numbers, but It’s Still Early

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The Cowboys will face their toughest test, to date, against Texas.

The trick with Texas is to limit the first 2 downs yards.
If they get 3rd and 3 all nite it’ll be tuff.
Got to get some turnovers.
Texas defense does not scare anyone.
It still down to Sanders for a win.

So our defense has gotten better, and our offense has gotten worse? Even though our head coach is specialized on the offensive side of the ball?

R we winning. Enough said.

Ur so big on predictions. After the isu game most if not all had us at 4 and 3. So no matter what happens we are doing better. With each win coming will be just icing on the cake. Most of ur friends have not said anything. Why don’t u wait until we get a lose first.

So you don’t think we have problems that need to be fixed on offense? I want this team to go to the Big 12 championship game. Sorry, I know your satisfied with 6-6 but the offense needs a lot of fixing.

First I’m positive u are lieing about a title for gundy.
Second u would need to understand what needs to be addressed before u could talk about fixing the team.
Problem with is u just look at results. Everything has a cause to get results.
Like with u unable to walk and chew gum. Instead of understanding u just can’t do it, u keep changing the type of gum.

I really hope he does get a conference title. I’ve been waiting ■■■■ near 10 years for another one.

Do results not tell us what needs to be fixed?

Results tells us where the problems are. But u have no idea

Yes I do. The problem is we have a QB whose coaches haven’t taught him a thing since he arrived to campus. They continue to play him despite his inconsistency.

We have one receiver he loves to eyeball and throw to (even in double coverage) and the rest are screaming at him when they’re open.

We have a coach that says he has depth when he doesn’t. So instead of recruiting on the offensive side of the ball better he sticks with the same recruiting plan. As long as it gets him to 6-6.

So one receiver, a QB that makes chitty decisions, a coaching staff that won’t develop the QB, and a coach that refuses to get better recruits, an offense that can’t score in the second half, and an offense that can’t move if one person gets hurt.

Blah blah blah

Blah blah blah it’s true!!! Anyone watching it on television or in the stadium knows it.

Who is winning the Texas ou game

OU will probably win 34-27 or something. Why do you ask?

I want to see if Texas hype outweighs ur love for ou

If I loved OU so much then why do I want OSU to win another conference title?

If u love osu I would hate to see what u would do to someone u hate.

Will be curious to see if ou defense can stop the run

You can love OSU and not be the biggest fan of the man leading the football program.

Is that what they did in the 60’s