Depth Chart Projection: Breaking Down Oklahoma State's Offense Entering Fall Camp

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Fall camp starts Wednesday.

“Need a guy who can control a game under center? Bowman got that experience on two College Football Playoff teams at Michigan.”

Sorry, but I don’t consider a guy that has 11 snaps in the last three years of his collegiate career as a guy that can “control a game under center”. Hopefully I’m wrong and he throws for about 4,000 yards this season and less than 10 interceptions. It is interesting to see what he’ll do after that horrendous injury he suffered, and not hardly being on the field in years.


I don’t know if Calvin Harvey can play dead. But I noticed him standing behind the coaching staff last year and looked him up on the roster. Dude is huge.

When I wonder about the QB position I reach for the Valium.
I am now losing sleep because of racing thoughts still trying to figure out how Colorado belongs in the Big 12.
The only add ons that benefit the Big 12 are Utah and Arizona. Washington and Oregon are locked into Big 10.
So the depth chart seems to be a non-issue compared to Colorado tarnishing a conference that is trying to vie for the third best.

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I’ve said this several times before, but if you’ve seen Jack Endean in person at all, you already know he is not your typical freshman O-lineman. Doesn’t surprise me a bit to see him on the 2 deep as a freshman. In a few years when he is a NFL draft pick he can be the new poster boy for “OSU turns unrecruited players in to NFL players.”

Also, as always, I want to see the freshman QB play a little bit (when we are winning of course).

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Endean was my pick also to vie for playing time early. Said he has a mean streak in him, something we have lacked for years

Anyone know if some of the senior OL have a Covid year ?

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Cole will start. Im with on dean. Sanders and austin will push too

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So why do we have lineman that lack a mean streak? No wonder we’ve sucked on the OL since Wickline left.

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Joy you talk about suck a lot ?? Humm

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At least you have optimism. So there’s that.

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Whats this we crap. You have none. At least 1 time tell the truth

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I was about to say the same thing. He barely played at Michigan, LOL. Should’ve stuck w/ the Texas Tech narrative for that.

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You got something against Arizona State, too much of a party school and full of Californicationites? :joy: I was kinda hoping the Granolaheads would have to fend for themselves in the Mountain West after their higher-ups a bit over a year ago said they had zero interest in rejoining the Big 12…sho changed in a hurry, huh? Well, they bring the Denver media market back and the rest of the state’s media will cover them going .500 at best, hah hah.

Utah sounds pretty loyal to the Pac-9, but it might just be window dressing. The wheels are falling off and Arizona is likely next to leave, cause the Pac-9 can’t get anywhere close to what the Big 12 is getting as far as TV revenue. Their presidents are dooming the conference. They wanted the TV deals done first before expanding but after Ucla and U$C announced they were leaving they should have immediately had a vote for San Diego State to get them back to 11. Then they only needed one more to get back to 12. Could’ve gone for SMU. Too late for all of that now, cause while they could still get the “Kiss my Aztecs” and SMU they’d need one more and not a whole lot of good possibilities geographically speaking. Probably gonna do some wacky deal w/ the ACC who might be losing FSU and Clemson according to some reports…

Lot’s of Shiny-New-Penny chatter on Bowman from day 1. Meanwhile Rangel quietly landed on campus assuming he was QB4 and wouldn’t see the field.

If you grade Rangel’s plays from last year, you’ll see:

  • Consistently scrambled 3 or 4 man rushes in the backfield, then threw almost every pass running laterally
  • Zero effective run game to keep 7-8 men dropping into pass coverage
  • Never got busted up due to mobility and excellent pocket/field awareness.
    - With same or even more depleted OLine that scared hell out of Gunnar and got Sanders busted up.
  • Was a legit humble unanimous Elite 11/4 star out of Dallas 5A ball w/ 9300 yards +100 TD’s, 18 Ints in 3 years of HS play

If Bowman trots out for the 1st play of the season we’ve got some serious talent in the QB room.

I’m optimistic. Just not to the point where I think Gundy is going to pull a 10-2 this season and play for a conference title. If he does that I’ll change my avatar to Gundy and his mullet.

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Rumor has it that a CF insider has confirmed the deal with Arizona is done. They’ll be a Big 12 member.

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Rangle missed games due to concussion protocol, Sanders hurt his shoulder in the TCU game or the game before. That team was a mess in the locker room. Lil P was a big reason, not all but was a big part of it
Yes the OL was depleted and was bad

Sanders was the Texas High School Gatorade POY. Now he’s struggling to just come off the bench at Ole Miss. What did Gundy or Rattay teach him over the five years he spent on campus at OSU to make him a better QB? I can agree his line wasn’t very good for part of his career. Just pointing out that little glimmers from Rangel doesn’t necessarily mean we’ve got serious talent at the QB position yet.

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Mobility? Rangel isn’t very fast at all. Gunnar can run circles around that dude and he’s not exactly a mobile guy, but has improved his quickness and speed. I hope you’re one of Rangel’s friends or relatives, I don’t ever see him as becoming a good QB for us, but I hope I’m wrong.

Still has poor footwork on passes. Yeah, I don’t think he got good QB coaching at oSu, or he did and just can’t overcome poor habits, footwork being the main thing IMO.