Derek Mason, Kasey Dunn Mentioned as Possible Candidates at Arizona State

Matt took one of the most talent teams to a 7 and 6 finish. Your rite jug.

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Must of had a corndog quarterback.

Remind me, how did he do against Gundy last year?

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I said most talent team. Prudy was a multiple year starter that own lots of records at isu. A four star recruit not a 2 star walkon

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What’s Matt’s record against Gundy jug ? Can you remember that. You did teach your son how to goggle, right ? Who in the B12 has a winning record against your villain?

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How about you acknowledge it then instead of making excuses? There’s nothing wrong with saying we need to recruit better players and Gundy needs to stop being scared to death of conference titles. You’re going to have a hard time convincing me that the team ranked 3rd in the conference for conference titles (after OU and Texas leave) is going to be the leader of the new Big 12.

Do you ever get tired of lying just to make things look better than they actually are? Can you not be truthful in one single post? How many times do I have to do this before you get the point that your words can’t be trusted?

Joy im going to list just how we finished by recond not position from 2009.
2009 2nd. Even in 2009 we would have gone to a
2010 1st. Title game in a pod system
2011 1st
2012 3rd in a pod system we would have gone to
2013 2nd. 5 title game.
2014 bad. Even if we had a title game we would h
2015 2nd. Have gone to 4.
2016 2nd
2017 3rd year in and year out we have been 1 of
2018 bad. Top teams.
2019 3rd. 12 times texas and uo have finished
2020 3rd. Ahead of us. You think these 4 team
2021 1st. Will do that.

So we have had bad luck by only getting one title game.
I know you dnt understand what im saying. But this is proof were doing better then you believe

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I think all of us and the university have said a big Thank You to TB for building us the place we call TBoone Pickens stadium before he passed. If not for his generosity we would be like the goons, deep in debt. So I don’t see where the slight is here

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You stats post LOL, this must have been a cut and paste that went horribly wrong LOL.

I have no idea what you saying.

I think your not understanding what i posted.

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Well that is obvious. I know I’ve got a pea brain with an OSU MS degree but come on, give a dude some help here.

I tried to save space. The year and record column is one thing. The words read from top to bottom continously.

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That one is wrong.

That’s wrong as well. Baylor and OU both had better records.

Baylor, K State, OU, and TCU all had better records than us.

That one is wrong. Texas finished in front of us.

If Texas doesn’t miss a game due to COVID they’re most likely in front of us that season as well since they beat us.

Just keep lying if you must. It still doesn’t change the fact that you’re wrong. I can tell Joseph Goebbels must’ve been your idol growing up.

Maybe if you weren’t too stupid at getting your spacing correct he wouldn’t have to explain it to you. This is just one of the many reasons AR and myself take what you say with a grain of salt.

I now know you wouldnt be smart enough. The words didnt go with the years. Read the words as one comment. Im not wrong about anything except thinking your smart then a half wit.
Im sorry your slow lil yellow bus idiot. Reread the post slowly. Im not wrong how i set it up moron. This was to show how well over all we have done.

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Who is ar? You mean jug the hillbilly that is obsessed with ned betty.

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You said “by record” and that’s exactly what I did. If you’re not smart enough to get it right the first time don’t bother even attempting a second. However, I don’t mind if you do try a second time. You just keep proving to me how stupid you can get :man_shrugging:.

The guy that’s able to one up you every single time you make a stupid post.

That means no tie breaking.
We had 3 1st, 4 2nd and 4 3rd.
7 times we had the record to be in the title game.
5 times we did have the top 2 records.

Look at 2010 5 teams had 6 and 2 records. If you look at tie breaker we would have finished behind a&m. But, we finished higher in the division.

One thing that is definitely proven is your wrong about osu loses alot of games to lower always talk about us being 4th and losing to bad teams. . Tie breakers go thur the teams you are tied with then to the best teams you played. We lose tie breakers because we lose to the top teams of that year.

I know you wount understand this because of to factors. Not in your narrative and lack of smarts.

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Here to show what i mean, i did baylor over the same period. Start at 2009
Baylor has 5 years they were 3rd or better compared to 11 of gundy. Yes baylor has been very competitive lol
This look like the may rent the title. Own the big 12 not

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