Devin Harper Announces Return for Sixth Season

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The Cowboys’ defense is getting deeper.

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Thank god final now its just ld left

Surprised this isn’t getting more attention. He is a good player coming back at a position of need.

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Ur rite but he is not a starter. It’s great he is coming back

When does LD brown announce his departure from dumpster fire

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Ld plays for us not miles​:wink::cowboy_hat_face:

What is a dumpster fire?

Its where bums start a fire in a dumpster to keep warm. Kind of like what miles has at Lawrence.

No, I know what a dumpster fire is, I just don’t understand how OSU football qualifies. Michigan and USC are dumpster fires. Tennessee and Arkansas are dumpster fires. FSU is a dumpster fire. The PAC 12 is a dumpster fire. Texas is a borderline dumpster fire.

Schools with all the money and tradition and media exposure and recruits in the world that can’t sniff a conference title or schools that are supposedly proud but can barely scrape together a winning season every two or three years are dumpster fires. Schools without a lot of money, tradition, exposure, and recruits that put together winning seasons for 15 years are not dumpster fires. Those are called success stories.

There are guys out there that are mad with Gundy.

Sniffed a conference title once in 20 years.

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Ok, well, I don’t think you know what that phrase means because they’ve been close several times. Also, we aren’t USC or Michigan with this national brand that still can’t get it done. We’re a very regional brand. One coach isn’t just going to jump us up to that status no matter how good he is.

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Well can you tell me which way you lean? Is Gundy the winningest coach in school history that’s in the top ten wins for the last decade or the coach that’s lost more football Bedlam’s than any coach in history.

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He’s both. I’m not going to crucify the guy for losing to OU, though. OU is usually a top 5 team in the country. Firing and hiring a new coach doesn’t just magically change your circumstances.

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It did for k State and Iowa State.

We know that Gundy record would have gotten him fired at Texas and Auburn but we don’t have expectations like those schools. No one on here like being called little brother but most of you don’t ever expect to compete with OU at any level.


Good!!! They’ll need more depth and fresh bodies to counter the inept Mike Gundy offense when it comes into play.

Last time I checked Texas was closer to sniffing a conference title than us.

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Ar0 believes in fairy dust

Only ones named Robert 28

That not what u think it means.