Enemy Intro: Cowboys' Conference Slate Starts with Big 12 Title Rematch

Originally published at: Enemy Intro: Cowboys' Conference Slate Starts with Big 12 Title Rematch | Pistols Firing

OSU will face one of its biggest tests to start Big 12 play.

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Before dumb and dumber and their son Jeff chime in, we all know that Baylor beat us in the CCG last year and they have more conference titles over the last decade. We also know y’all are already predicting this as a loss and it’s all gundys fault. Save y’all some time.


Our record with tech is I believe 23-23-3. I think the record their show doesn’t include neutral games.

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At least our ridiculously early bye is for arguably the best team in the conference. Hopefully ISU wears them down in Ames the week before.


I see us going 2-1 in this stretch.

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We appreciate that Yo. The problem to fixing any problem is recognizing there is one. Did you notice the word “hardware” in that first paragraph? I guess the PFB writers find those trophies to be significant.

Anything to minimize the same thing being said over and over……. And over


How much you willing to bet on a Cowboys loss?

Against Baylor in Waco?

I was surprised to see the overall record against Tech. I thought it was considerably better than that.

I’d be super happy with a 10+ win season and playing for the big12 championship again. I’d have even higher expectations if we still had Jim and at least LD Brown back. I was somewhat surprised that he didn’t come back knowing that Warren was leaving.

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$500 it is. How much are you willing to bet we win Bedlam in Norman?

OSU is 14-10 vs Tech since the B12 was formed.


Gundy is 13 and 4 against tech


I think we might be better at running back than expected. I am interested to see what Jaden Nixon can do. He got limited carries last year, but he made the most of them. I get what your saying though, Jaylen could find a hole when there wasn’t a hole. If our O-line can’t get a push, the running game might be in trouble.


Not interested in your money. Delete your account.


The big thing on running back for me is Gundys tone on Richardson. I think Mason will be fine, we’ve lost some guys on defense, but I’m sure if Mason can pickup where we left at last season. I think we’ll be above average on defense but can’t wait to see what he can do. I think Nixon was a sought after running back. But what I’d love more than anything is a healthy offensive line with depth and improved.


Are you talking about Dez Jackson? You know he’s gone right?

I will if he beats Baylor on the road.