Ferrari Wins NCAA Title, Oklahoma State Finishes Third

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Ferrari wins a national championship as a true freshman.

AJ hinting that he is going up to heavyweight soon. I hope not because he would be like Austin Harris, underweight around 230 lbs.
Really disappointing to see Fix lose again in OT. With the exception of AJ, it seems that a lot of the opponents are stronger physically than most of the guys on our team and that makes a difference in the outcome of close matches.

Are we ever going to win another NC in wrestling?

Not until we start recruiting more folks at AJ’s level. And John retires. We need a young alum to take over so that we can coach guys to be more aggressive and offensively-minded. Start racking up bonus points. That’s the formula Penn State’s been using to kick our a## for the past few years.

We just need to fire the lot. Restart with all new coaches. Its the only way were going to win.

Now thats over.

It was a great tournament for us overall. Everbody did well. Yes wish nix would have won. 6 all american and Harris wrestled like one

Did I say fire anyone? Nope. John, more than any coach in Ok St history, deserves to go out on his own terms. Stop putting words in my mouth, @robert28. Your lack of reading comprehension continues to amaze me.

On another note, if you think that was a great tournament for us, that’s another shining example of you accepting mediocrity. I can promise you that only getting one individual national champion is NOT how you put that 35th banner in the rafters of GIA.

Does John recruit black athletes?

Wrestling is not full of black athletes. Ww have had some jacob Smith was an all american just a couple of years ago.
Not sure y u brought this up. Its obvious a racist thing.

Well beside the nix deal this team over preformed.
I do like how u came in at the end to give us ur evaluation.
And I’m pretty sure u calling for a younger coach meant Smith would have to go. So what did I miss.

I didn’t give a timeline. And I said retire, not fire. But speaking of coming in at the end, it was nice of you to show back up a WEEK AFTER Bedlam football this season. I hope you never live that down.

Its funny boynton gets praise for no 1.
I never heard u say about Smith.
His no 1 got a natty

I didn’t take a week.
Do I really want to hear what simpletons like u were going say.
U show up at the end of wrestling season to give ur 2 cents. Travis im busy rite now but can get at all u want later about ur knowledge of osu wrestling. Since in my family there is a gold winner.

This is a wrestling article go to ur dads house joe and his lovers ar0.

By the way how is 3rd bad.
And tell me what u know about this team

“By the tell how 3rd us bad”. I understand now.

Thanks I fixed it i get excited when arm chair fans tell us how it should be

In Fix’s case the PSU guy was just countering for the most part besides the pushing. Seems like the M.O. for Iowa and PSU. It is disappointing but he didn’t really wrestle his best match.

Okay, I need some feedback. One of my friends who was a really good wrestler, state champ 2x, got a scholly from oSu but never got any action. Anyway, that guy thinks AJ is arrogant. You?

I personally think the kid is just extremely confident and that can come across as cocky/arrogant. Would love to see some others’ opinion on this, not that it matters. Kudos to the kid for winning his first natty!

Blaming Smith??? W.O.W.

Not sure why ur asking but go to the oklahoma state site it gives pics of the players u maybe able to break down the ethic background of osu team

Well that a personal thing about who is cocky.
But get cade and aj together and see. Lol