Five Second-Year Offensive Players With Breakout Potential in 2021

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Who will be the next Cowboy to make a star run in his second season?

I can see all these things happening so that good.
The one is really the best chance is Presley. For one thing he is the only starter I see for sure. And second he may be the most talented.

If we don’t have a “breakout” – or 2 or 3 – from our second year o-linemen, everything else is moot.

What if the qb actually throws the ball is that a offense line break out

I would add Langston Anderson to that list. He’s gonna be a stud too along with Presley and Owens if he can get healthy. Anderson has just been banged up so far.

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“but when he went hamburger”

Can somebody explain this phrase to an #old?

I’m old too​:upside_down_face::innocent::crazy_face::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

I hope Illingsworth wins the starting job I’d feel a lot better about our chances. I also wouldn’t rule out Matt Polk, big bodied guy who can play on the outside and go up and get balls.

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I agree with Presley. My only worry is that his coach won’t give him the ball.

He will get the ball more then I would want. He still pretty small

He was literally the best player on the field against Miami and you don’t want him to get the ball because of his size? No wonder you support Gundy so much. You think exactly like him.

I dnt want to see him getting the ball 50 times like ur dream about

If he can consistently get me anywhere fro 5-10 yards every time he touches the ball and nobody can stop him then I don’t mind giving him the ball 50 times a game until the other team stops him. Then your the one that tells me I know nothing about football?

Joe that was a wish list. Didnt show any knowledge.

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I’m all in on Richardson. He won’t get #1 RB snaps but he will prove his value throughout the season.


Everyone better hope Dunn has a breakout season.

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How does one have a breakout season when the coach wants to call the plays for him?

He has to have a qb to have their break out year.
I love that ur simple but that play book only opens up with ability.


Who would you like under center then Robert? Ethan Bullock perhaps? I know you like low rated recruits but that dude shouldn’t even be playing D-1 football from what I’d seen in the Tulsa game last season.

Well I guess we never have ability😉. You crack me up.