Five-Star Booker T. Standout Gentry Williams Includes OSU in Top 10

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This would be an all-time get.

If he is smart. He’ll go to a school where championships are almost guaranteed and their coach actually cares about trying to win them. He’ll go to a school that values coaches that decide championships are what build a program and not some BS culture explanation that never delivers the promise of one.

He’s not coming here. Let’s temper expectations

Lotta negativity in this room. :grimacing:


He’s got game changer foot speed. Really quick. Reminds me of kyler Murray with that take off speed. He would be a really good corner, but listening to gundy talk about how he doesn’t know what the NFL looks for when asked about if Chuba has fallen in the draft is CRAZY!! This guy acts like he has no clue about things that go on with his football team and his players too much. The disconnect is real but aging it’s old school coaching.


U Gundy got a 5 star on his top10 list great. U guys said he did recruit 5 stars. Well done gundy. I already know what u guys will say, save ur fingers the effort.:upside_down_face::woozy_face::dizzy_face::yawning_face::scream:

quit your f’ing whining. jesus. go join the gooner bandwagon

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I wonder if Dax Hill regrets his decision to go to Michigan considering they suck and Harbaugh might be out the door.


There’s no room on the gooner bandwagon because of all the Gundy supporters. Gundy’s the best thing to happen to OU.

No u and joe r the best thing ou got

there’s plenty of room. didn’t you hear? they upgraded it since the tipping incident. Head on over and get your boomer on

The truth isn’t whining

When Gundy talks about not knowing what’s going on in the football world outside of Boone Pickens Stadium I always wonder if he is trying to give the impression that he is so totally focused on his responsibilities as coach that he doesn’t have time to explore anything outside of the Cowboy football duties? On the other hand he could just be saying that all he cares about is his job duties and doesn’t give a rat’s a-- about anything else going on that doesn’t directly involve him. Makes him come across as a bit of an elitist.

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He’s… kinda right though? History tells us Hubbard may struggle in the NFL. He gets hurt any time he gets hit, and he’s not big enough to carry that load at the next level. Same as Hill. Most of the successful college RBs that go on to excel in the NFL are big. There’s a reason Carson is excelling and hill isn’t, Carson is just about the biggest RB in the NFL. Brown would have a better shot at success at the next level than Hubbard if he came back for a season for recognition.

There’s a difference between being a Gundy apologist and a realist. I do not defend nor overly support Gundy. If he got fired tomorrow I’d be fine with it, he’s proven a million times lately that he cannot nut up enough to win when it matters. I’ve said that a bunch. But on a program-wide level, I also realize circumstances. My dad put it best last weekend. At the end of the game, we were standing in BPS talking about how we could get to the B12 title game and I said “man, I wish we’d stop blowing the big games so we wouldn’t have to play the shoulda woulda coulda game every year.” And he said “ya know, I spent over 40 years hoping for just one 10-win season, so I’m counting my blessings.”

From 1914-2009, they had 3. From 2010-2019, they’ve had 6.

OSU just isn’t at a high enough caliber to be expecting national titles all the time. In fact, if OSU would have pulled off the 2011 title, they would have been the only program in the last 30 years to win a title with under $100m in revenue. I’m fine with moving on from Gundy because of his inability to raise the bar more over the past 6-7 years, But at least I’m glad we outperform mostly all other schools in America on a yearly basis at our level of revenue. I look at things on both sides. Can you?


Whining whining ur crying in ur wheaties every day. I laugh and say thank god I’m not a loser who cries like u guys.

Which school would you referring to? I don’t see Alabama and Clemson on his list

Joe means any school Gundy its coaching at. They don’t even have to be a winning team. Joe loves loser more then winners. Just ask him. He will name fired coach, ones that cant win con champs. Guys payed more then gundy

I see ar is getting ready to play down the law :upside_down_face:

I don’t know what Joe would pick, but if that was my list, I’d pick a school that has already been to the playoffs over a school that can’t make it to the conference championship game.

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