Five Things to Know about Miami Ahead of OSU's Cheez-It Bowl

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On D’Eriq King, Miami’s missing DEs and more.

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If Sanders starts this game we’ll get beat by 50. They’ll make what OU did to us look like an ice cream social.

“The Tar Heels hung 778 yards of total offense on the Canes. For reference, OSU’s school record for total offense in a game was the 740 yards it gained on Baylor in 2017.“

There is a vast difference between the 2017 offense compared to the 2020 offense. Baylor also went 1-11 in 2017. This Miami team is 8-2 with losses to Clemson and UNC. So it’s not like they’ll be a complete pushover.

Like usual root for any team not named osu

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I would like to see OSU win. I just don’t see it happening. All this talk about how Miami doesn’t have a very good defense, and our offense has been inconsistent in every game but one this year (against a team missing half its roster).

You are going to see a massive difference in talent level during this game. You’ll see why I’m so high on 4 star recruits opposed to 3 star recruits and walk-ons.

Like usual root for the other team joe

Yeah I agree with you, if Sanders wasn’t playing qb or would play a smart clean game then I’d say we’d have a chance because Miami usually isn’t smart and clean. But after they get a couple turnovers Miami’s going to get some swagger and those freak athletes are going to kill us.

Does any body really care what the outcome will be?

Bowl games are nothing any more. No meaning. Miami has there two best defensive players out. One is going to be the first DE drafted at #2 overall and. 4th best linebacker off the board. So if we beat them it wasn’t the same team and if we loose than we didnt have Chuba’s and so in so. I’m not fired up

The guys that get out there a bust rear ends game after game care about the outcome you negative old piss your pants fart stain


Do they? Because I think most of them had aspirations of playing in a Big 12 championship and either the CFP or at least a New Years Six bowl (which they will get neither). Gundy squashed any chance of that happening once he raised the white flag in Bedlam. Keep supporting him though.

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Wanna put an enormous amount of money on that?

I guarantee the players still care. Just because you don’t know anything about what goes on inside a football program doesn’t mean they don’t still have the itch to go out and play another game.

On the podcast they were both talking about how it meant more to Miami. Just say’en

The Cowboy defense has been pretty good most of the season. It seems the problems the defense has encountered have usually started with QB’s that can run. King will be the best running QB the Cowboys have played. Ouch!

Was I asking if the players care Paula i mean Paul, or was I asking the fans on here? Granola eating candy —-.

With Sanders at qb I says Miami wins 48-24.

Wow jeff calling a guy Paula ur smart yes were hyped. We live in the here and now. Not the Disney liberal world of fairytale and ever is equal. I’m glad ur meds make u feel like superman( even tho u just a wannabe robin). See how easy it is to make fun of people. I’m still happy and ur still delusional.

You and Paula Have a your two man chezzit party anc the rest of us will be watching the only 4 teams that matter.

I know I sound negative but that’s gundy’s fault. You know the meaning of insanity?