Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State’s 75–67 Victory against No. 6 Texas

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On Kalib Boone, Cade Cunningham and how scary OSU can be.



Given how up and down this team is combined with how desperate Kansas will probably be for a win (when was the last time anyone said that?), I’m expecting a loss on Monday. Please let me be wrong.


3-3 against Top 25 teams. Yet, 0-2 against TCU. A good win but jeez they gotta start limiting their turnovers to 15 a game or less. If they just beat TCU both times and don’t blow late leads to WV and Texas this team would be 16-1 instead of 12-5.


While i’m ecstatic to take home a victory after such outright atrocious play… we are showing some of the same problems that have plagued Cowboy basketball programs for years now!. Much like our previously heralded seasons while featuring “Top Tear” lottery talent, (IE Marcus Smart and LeBryan Nash) we seem to have the floor talent to compete with almost anyone, and yet personal mistakes and an inability to close out second halves cripple us!. Furthermore, i’m at a loss to explain how these incredibly talented athletes, (to now include Cade Cunningham) seem to never quite assert themselves as expected… Both Smart and Nash struggled much as Cade has, when asked to take over a game, or even to simply maintain a lead after solid first half play. In Cade’s case, we have yet to really see 2 complete halves from the kid… and while his second half fireworks, (and specifically closing minutes!) have typically been incredible, they wouldn’t be needed nearly as often if he was able to establish some kind of consistent first half scoring! How many games now have we taken a significant lead into the second half only to watch it melt away, with the WVU game being a truly disgusting example!. While I love this program, our kids, and our passionate head coach… my heart simply can’t take watching another team with all the talent in the world, still find themselves unable to make a sustained tournament run, or fall yet again to a sub .500 conference record… In the mean time, we can start by sweeping Kansas at Allen Field House in Primetime on Monday night!

If not for having to play 2 overtimes I think we would have a chance to upset Kansas once again. But our players looked fatigued in this game and then having to play extra minutes suggests they will have not much left for Monday night. Avery Energizer Bunny being the exception. I think the Cowboys will be running on fumes. Ice can’t do that much running on just one good foot. Rondell Walker with a bandage on his finger. He was not a factor on offense today. And no M.A. in the lineup spells doom. Otherwise, we probably could beat KU again.

I think we have a good chance to beat KU because Bill Self always chokes against us.

It would be great if someday in the future Bill Self would pull an Eddie Sutton move and return to OSU as coach. Then we would see OSU rosters with multiple McDonalds All-Americans.


Can’t argue with that. Legendary coach. If he gets fired over this adidas thing at Kansas Holder needs to throw money at him immediately.

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Just if they didnt punt. Make excuse. That does fit the 5 %.

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If any body wants to know. The girls romped ou by 27


We got wrestling bedlam at 1

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You mean like all the All Americans that Sutton brought in? I mean Boyntin brought in the #1 kid…you can’t get better than that. OSU can be a really good basketball program but to reach the heights of Kansas Kentucky and Duke, I just don’t see it. KU won 13 B12 titles in a row. If you can see OSU doing that then you are hooked up to the orange Kool Aid.

My point is that great recruits would want to play for a successful coach like Bill Self no matter what school he was at. OSU cannot win championships because they cannot usually attract enough high level talent. So bring back Self and you probably can get the type of recruits you need to win at a high level. We have the number one recruit but Cade needs better talent to surround him as the announcers keep mentioning.

I love OSU BBall but I walked away & turned in my season tickets after 30+ years…, just totally fed up with Holder’s incompetence & BS!

Yesterday after not watching a game in over 3 years, I decided to give it a try…, both Iba & Sutton must be spinning in their graves as I watched a pathetic display of OSU BBall coaching & play. No discipline, little defense, little offense, flat footed under the defensive boards, and the ultimate statement of incompetent coaching…, jack up a 3-pointer on the final regulation play of the game with plenty of time to set up an inside score!

Thank you Holder for destroying one of OSU’s truly great sport legacies…,

Oklahoma State men’s basketball has a very rich history of success, having won more national titles and advanced to the NCAA Championship, Final Four, Elite Eight and Sweet Sixteen more times than any Big 12 program other than Kansas. Oklahoma State has won a combined 23 regular season conference titles and conference tournament titles, which is the most of any program in the state of Oklahoma.

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This is a basketball forum so I’m not exactly sure what your point is. I don’t think OSU basketball was trying to lose when they were ahead.

Now when your down by 21 and you decide to give the ball back to the other team for a chance to score with nearly an entire quarter that’s an indication of surrendering and just wanting to get on the bus back home.

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Lots of issues with your rant, so I’ll just pick one. You state thatOSU played little defense yesterday? They played the #6 team and held them to 20-79 shooting and 5-35 from 3. Texas scored 59 in regulation and only scored 67 including 2 OTs. Oh yeah they won.


I wouldn’t sleep on Rondel Walker, the Boone twins, and some of the others. It’s a young team. I’m still optimistic to see what Boynton can do in Stilly.


As I have commented, Cowboys just need one legit big man under the basket in order to be a really good team. They currently have some good talent and It seems that Boynton is right about this team being able to play with anyone.

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It was horrible shooting by Texas and it had very little do with our defense. I have never seen that many wide open looks missed.

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