Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State’s 75–67 Victory against No. 6 Texas

one thing that stands out to me is how good this team is. They just need to fix a few little things. We have led almost every game going into halftime. You can’t do that if you aren’t good. The second half you just see more one on one ball and careless turnovers.

Likekele though is struggling big time. He’s losing confidence especially at the free throw line. Those misses are killing this team because he’s so good at getting to the line.


They look like trying to lose to me they just give up

The wrestling team manhandled ou.
This a young team up and downs will happen.
I think cade didnt need to told to wait in the tcu game. Some times young players believe in theirselves to much.

If boynton isn’t going to play boone as a guard then put him as another post.

You obviously have no clue about basketball…, you would be better off keeping your ignorance to yourself…

I would really like it if the would win the game before they get on the bus. I dnt think boynton can win these games

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Jamie is a good coach at tcu.

Why don’t you go Fl_lCK yourself.

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We have never been great in basketball except when Iba and Sutton were here. If you think so please name the coaches

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No. Those are called mistakes and undisciplined play. Even though they lost they were at least trying to do one thing. That one thing was score points. Something our football coach should start trying to do again.

Dude…this is a young team. In fact, I don’t even think there is one senior in the starting lineup. Have they been questionable? Yes absolutely they have. Is this the same team as last season. Not by a long shot.

The Boone twins are just sophomores and Walker is a freshman. I’d like to see more traditional old school discipline and tough basketball myself but sometimes the game evolves over time.

This isn’t the 1980’s any longer where you can Bobby Knight the hell out of a team and throw chairs on the court. It’s 2021 and you’ll get fired for crap like that now. Still another month of basketball to go before the Big 12 tourney.

How can you if you’ve already decided to forfeit? Just for the sake of saving face on national television he only didn’t do that because it would’ve gotten a lot of national attention.

Make excuses. there has been two seniors as starters. I thought we want a coach to take care of business.

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U shouldn’t be down on boyton like that

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We do want a coach that takes care of business. We also know this coach is in his 4th season. Are you ready to fire a coach that’s in the top 25 and not even finished with the season yet?

We want a title once every 4 yrs. Being top 25 isn’t cutting it

We haven’t played the Big 12 tourney yet. Chill!!! It might happen.

Hope we dnt play tcu in tourney or Baylor west Virginia probably Texas ku

At least they proved they can play with those teams and had leads on them.