Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 60-51 Loss to Wichita State

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It wasn’t pretty.

Stop shooting threes, learn how to shoot free throws, stop turning the ball over, learn to maintain a lead

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One of the worse games I have seen the Cowboys play. Offense was obviously horrible in all aspects, especially butter fingers. They had multiple chances to pull out the victory in the last few minutes but could not execute. Montcrief is going backwards, playing like he is still a freshman driving too fast, out of control. Keep them after practice and make them all shoot free throws for an hour before they head to eat at Eskimo Joe’s. They look like they are going to struggle to win games once Big 12 play starts. How do you break a zone with no bona fide three point shooter? Boone is good for a couple of threes per game, but that is it. The best thing about the Cowboys tonight was that Avery Anderson hopefully has ended his shooting slump.

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I’m a huge Boynton fan. He’s a great person. But, irrespective of available talent, Boynton has some pervasive issues in his teams’ play that lie squarely on coaching or coaching practice plans: 1. inability to shoot free throws; 2. undisciplined turnovers; 3.inability to play offense in the half court (especially against zone sets). One and two, alone, are easily fixable and would change nearly all L’s thus far to W’s. Fixing 3 would move this team from non-con W’s to a potential top 15 national team.


It is unbelievable how poor the FTs are. You could pick random dudes from the Colvin courts and I bet they’d shoot FTs better. Having Ice on the floor is essentially a cinderblock around the ankle on offense. How can you play D1 ball for 4 years and not develop a shot outside of a layup? Also quit shooting the ■■■■ 3s.


This team is like Russell Westbrook trying to shoot threes.

The most pervasive issue is that his teams rarely play games in March. And when they do, they lose them.

Watching this team shoot FTs is painful.

His half court offense has been my biggest problem. My dads high school team could shut them down more times than not. I don’t understand it

I thought we were suppose to be critical of the bb team. Or was that just me.

Well said. It feels like we don’t even have a set to run against a zone sometimes. Boynton is a great dude, best recruiter ever, but with the players we have we should be able to compete with anybody if we had some plays. Without Cade around to bail us out, this lack of offensive sets in the halfcourt is being magnified so far this season.

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If ice is starting for this team then we still have problems. Awful.

Sutton was master of timeouts and substitutions (game management). Boynton’s game management looks more like that of an AAU coach. When your opponent goes on that many runs with never a timeout to either make a strategic adjustment or, at least, to attempt to change momentum; something is missing. It’s almost as if he doesn’t want to call a timeout cause he doesn’t know what he would say.

Like baseball managers have bench a coach in their ear, Boynton needs an assistant that is a master game management strategist that can be his whisperer.

This is spot on Cowgirl! We’ve got to figure out how to break the zone sets but without strong three point shooters it’s going to be tough. They better start getting penetration or it’s going to be a tough season.

It’s weird I’ve said everything that’s been said on this post. But, I was being a Joey.
One thing that’s not been said we will see a ton of zone this year.

His team always starts slow with some losses and they get better as season goes on so let’s hope this is the case. Still trying to figure out rotations also.

Going to be hard to take anything out of this season because of no post season play and you have to figure that this plays an emotional role one the players and coaches.

By the looks of it those 5 starters are his main guys, so rotation is set.
I dnt know how long boone was hurt. Is he not a 100% or in condition. We need his scoring and defensive rebounding.

We are being critical of them. Go see the first post.

It’s called drive and dish, back door cuts, drawing fouls, and 12-15 foot jumpers. The only problem with drawing fouls is this team can’t hit the backside of a barn from the free throw line.

The only good thing you could get out of it is getting the other team’s starters in foul trouble. The other problem is making them realize they aren’t good three point shooters too.