Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 61-54 Victory against No. 1 Baylor

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The Pokes did the unimaginable.

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Good win! I’d like to see Kalib Boone end his annual trip to the doghouse sometime this week. Hopefully the team can find some consistency on offense and get things rolling.

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Outstanding defense today !! Defense hasn’t been a problem but it was even better today. Just hope they keep improving on O…. And free throws. They can still make a run for the upper half


“Thompson dropped a career-high 19 points, but it wasn’t just that he had 19 points. He had answers for a surging Baylor.

Toward the end of the first half, Baylor went on a 6-0 run. Thompson answered with a 3 and a breakaway dunk.”

And this is why 5 star recruits matter Yo!!

Joey it’s one game. It was a nice game but under 50% shoot and 1 of 4 from deep its not even the best 100 game at osu in this century.
Weren’t u one of those guys going on and on about Avery after he dropped 31 last year.
It was a great win can they repeat it. Or give one up on Wednesday.
Ksu just beat tech, bb a long season.

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Tell John Lucas that
Further more why are we only two games above 500? Hopefully this is a turning point but this had been bryces first decent game of his career, hopefully he has more but have to see it to believe it.

College basketball is hard to watch these days it’s ugly basketball


And it shows you just how much potential they have. I told you that some don’t develop faster than others. You could just say “Hey your right. Five stars probably do matter”. But no, you’re going to continue to let your own self pride get in your way.

Maybe I missed something? Did we lose?

Most of Eddie Sutton’s teams won with defense.

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AR is correct. I’ve seen a team win a state title that was a long shot to win it that didn’t have the best talent or score a lot of points. The key thing they did well was rebound and play great defense. You can actually win games with defense Robert. Did you happen to miss the entire OSU football season? I think they proved more than anything how defense helps you win games.

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Another reminder that Joe was the guy who predicted victory over Baylor.
Looking at that video of the 2010 Cowboy team who beat KU made me remember that we used to have teams that had 3 point shooters. Makes a big difference. Cowboys would be dangerous this season if we had a 3 point shooter. 5 star guys and 3 point shooters would take OSU to the next level. Until then, Avery Anderson needs to get his offense going if this team is going to climb out of the cellar.


You just look for any narrative to make a point. The basketball team is not that good. You’re going to be thrilled finishing in the bottom half of the conference with 5 stars and not winning an NY6 with 3 stars? What.

You don’t need great offense to have a good team. Defense, rebounding, and ball security goes a long ways. I agree we need more consistency in offense, but you don’t need to score 75 points a game or more to win games.

That’s the thing that drove me crazy about Travis Ford’s teams. They might have offensive talent, but they always consistently played lazy defense and would get beat on the boards nearly every game.

  1. How do we know we’re going to be at the bottom half of the conference? We’re 2-3 in the conference, not 0-5. We’ve also played four ranked teams out of the five so far in conference. Even then we are on a conference and NCAA tourney ban anyway.

  2. Who said I wasn’t thankful for the NY6 bowl win? I’m pretty sure you can go back through my comments on that forum and find where I said I was glad we got the W.

Captain obvious came out of his hole.
Sutton defense was alot different then the Baylor game. Baylor had 11 trunovers. Baylor shot 31 % that’s why we won. Some mite been d but they are having a bad week.
One thing I did see that reminded me of boynton coached team was the double digit lead they lost.


Joey did u even watch the Baylor game.
11 offensive Baylor boards. Not great rebounding.
Baylor shooting 31% was not all the osu defense.
So I think we need to score more or :pray: more.

Like use Joey u dnt even know what ur looking at.

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Pretty sure Boynton preaches defense. Imagine if this were a Travis Ford coached team? We aren’t surprised. You wouldn’t give Boynton credit anyway even if he were to finish first in conference play. Plus, having 11 turnovers isn’t that bad of a game. Baylor averages 13 turnovers a game. Of course you don’t know anything about basketball so we shouldn’t be surprised by that either.

Great rebounding is one of the plus components of winning you retard. I never said it was the only thing you had to do well to win.

Let me ask you a question. When Spencer Sanders threw three interceptions against Baylor early in the season what was it that prevented Baylor from scoring?

Ur proving my point Joey. 11 trunovers is not creating defense. Boynton couldn’t even force more then Baylor averages. Joey once again ur an idiot. Baylor shoot bad for what ever reason they are slumping.

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