Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 74-69 Overtime Victory against Texas Tech

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Bring in the Brinks truck.

All in favor of canning “The Mullet”, in favor of a significant 4 year extension for Boynton?!.. I will also accept anyone in favor of simply firing Gundy and/or providing the extension for Boynton, lol


Great win but talking about paying Boynton more money right now is a joke. We are currently 6th in the big 12 with arguably the best player in the country. And anyone watching these games knows how poorly coached we have been in the second half of games. We had a 20 point lead on WV and he starts throwing guys from the end of the bench in with 15 minutes left in that game like the game was over and it was scrub time. Not to mention, he doesn’t have a single recruit committed in this class. And the guy he replaced has Illinois ranked in the top 8. Lets just tap the breaks.

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OSU basketball has been bad to mediocre for so long that when we see exciting games we want to wrap up the coach with a big money deal lasting for eternity. Boynton will be the first one to admit he is still learning how to be a head coach. Boynton loves his players and when they were up by a lot in the West Virginia game he wanted to share that love by letting the bench play. It turned out to be a big mistake and hopefully he learned from it. Let the bench play when you are up by a lot against an inferior team but never against a future Hall of Fame coach. I don’t know yet how good of a coach Boynton is. We do know for sure that he has a Hall of Fame rapport with his players and he can recruit. And I still applaud Mike Holder for not being blackmailed by the greed of Brad Underwood who could care less about his players. It was all about money with him. Good ridden. Underwood can build a good team at Illinois because he can now recruit in the Chicago area.


Anderson is a beast!

Boyton’s passion makes me okay with the learning curve he’s going through.

The Boone Twins (Memorial High School!!!)

Cunningham playing that long and that well with 4 fouls might be the beat thing I’ve seen all year from him.

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Ice is “melting down” at the charity stripe. His attempts aren’t even close to going in; someone needs to make him a video of all the makes he’s had at the line over the last two years and he needs to watch it daily.

As someone who has had the “yips” with my putter many times, it’s obvious the issue is between his ears.

In the past half century, our record vs OU in Norman is worse in basketball than it is in football. That sounds like it’s not possible but it’s true. It doesn’t get much more depressing than that. To add to that, OU is one bad foul call away from being undefeated at home this year. Really gonna need a complete game from everyone to win Saturday.

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Lots of holes here. Completely agree with the bad 2nd halves, I can almost bet on a massive scoring drought in every game we play. That’s his major knock this year. But Boynton put in Mitchell vs WVU because he had no one else to go to. 3 guys were in big foul trouble and the bench was short, and we were up big so he didn’t really have much of a choice there. Just couldn’t stop the bleeding after that. Also, being ranked 6th in a conference that has 70% of its teams ranked isn’t all that bad. A sweep of OU would put them 3rd in the conference (with 4 top 10 wins and 8-4 overall vs ranked teams) with one of the two teams ahead of them being arguably the best team in America. And as for the recruiting thing for this cycle, assuming Cade is the only one who leaves this year and a scholarship restriction most likely coming from the NCAA, I think we’ll have 0 scholarships left for next season anyways if Williams and flavors decide to play another year. All depends on NCAA’s ruling.

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Everyone here saying to pump the brakes before we pay Boynton: are you really saying they just keep his salary where it is? Or do you just not want him to be paid in the top half of the league?

Because regardless of your thoughts and the reality of his experience as a head coach, he does NOT deserve to be paid a fraction of the salary of Steve freaking Prohm, who is the next highest paid. That made sense when he hadn’t coached a single game yet, but now, it’s frankly embarrassing.

He needs to be paid in the #4-#7 range, which will most likely age extremely well as salaries continue to rise. This article highlights the right issue, but it created the less relevant debate in the comments by using the “brinks truck” terminology.

If the Article subheading had read: “Should Boynton be paid a fraction of Steve Prohm, who’s 9th?”
The answer is obvious, but that doesn’t generate controversy down here.

Great points and thank you for sharing. The idea of backing up the brinks truck to pay Boynton is crazy.

Not really he’s 64% for his career

All of this is spot on. People forget that Boynton has never been a HC anywhere before now, he’s learning as he goes. And I know some get irritated with the way he interacts with his players, but that’s what the times are trending toward now anyways. It gets kids to want to play for him over traditional hard-heads, thus leading to our biggest recruiting class in school history. He’ll be fine. To add to that, if we beat Ou twice this week we’ll finish 3rd in the league, which I read that we’ve only finished 3rd or higher in conference 8 times in school history. Not sure if that’s true but if it is, it’s even more impressive considering he’s doing it in a stacked conference. We’ve also only finished above .500 in league play 1 time since the ‘05 season. People just like to complain on here I guess.:man_shrugging:

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So he should be played almost half of what the 2nd lowest earning coach in the league is being paid? He deserves less than what KSU and ISU’s coaches are being paid? Nonsense. Only 7 P5 coaches in America make less than him. And he’s two wins this weekend away from a top-15/ top-10 ranking in the country.

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please slow your roll on “the brinks truck” talk. we all loved the game last night - and seeing HCMB leading the student section in the O-S-U chant gave us all the feels. that’s awesome.
But we also GOT swept by dumpter-fire TCU. his contract is the contract… let it ride until we’re in the last year of it - then start renegotiations - not immediately following an emotional win.


so your rationale is not to say “Steve Prohm is WAYYY overpaid”? but to throw a ton of money at HCMB so that we too can overpay an unproven coach? Bro, we got SWEPT by dumpster-fire TCU.

it’s not the money for me - it’s the adding years to the end of an existing contract that we’re in the middle of. let it play out a little longer.

I agree. Especially if he makes the tournament and wins a couple of games in the tournament. You can’t just keep a coaches salary the same for meeting expectations or exceeding them.

Not exactly fair to punish the basketball coach on a salary cap if he’s meeting the requirements and keep raising pay for the football coach when he doesn’t.

It’s easy to overlook the good wins they do have and focus on a sweep by TCU.

Who said throw a ton of money at him? I just said give him better than the 7th lowest paid coach of any P5 conference. If you ask me,

-Finishing above .500 in conference for only the 2nd time in 15 years

-Having the chance to finish top 3 in the conference for the second time by any OSU coach not named Eddie Sutton or Henry Iba

-Having the 5th most quad 1 wins of any program in America

-62% win percentage vs ranked teams (8th highest in America)

All lead to him being deserving of more than the overwhelmingly lowest paid coach in the league, and the 58th highest paid P5 coach out of 65 total coaches.

He’s doing a good job this year. I know some of you guys are entitled enough to think OSU has this massively rich basketball history and Boynton is ruining OSU’s otherwise mountainous prestige, but the fact of the matter is 1 single coach not named Eddie Sutton or Henry Iba has ever won a single tournament game for OSU, and that was Travis Ford. I don’t see why saying he deserves a little more money is a hard thing to consider.


I know the TCU losses have people all caught up, and those are inexplicable, but what other bad losses does he have? Was Baylor a bad loss? Kansas in Lawrence? Texas in Austin? TCU is his only 2 losses to non-ranked teams. He hasn’t lost to any other unranked team, including teams like Arkansas (3rd in SEC at 17-5, who was unranked at the time but sits at #20 now) And Wichita State on the road (first in the AAC at 13-4, above #10 Houston). He has 2 bad losses vs 8 quality wins (per the tournament eval). Stop looking for things to complain about.


The coaches at KSU and Iowa St. have been head coaches previously and have earned the position they are in financially. Hell Weber has lead a team to the final four. Boynton has had a nice year to this point, but he’s been crap in his first 3 years. The recruiting blunders he’s made previously can’t be overlooked because of this years class. If Boynton can show some consistently for a few years, by all means pay him. This is the staff that list twice to TCU this year. The last thing Holder is going to do is get strapped by giving another big contract based on one good season.