Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 74-69 Overtime Victory against Texas Tech

What are his recruiting blunders? I’m interested. Didn’t have the scholarships to give out for 2018 and got four 4-stars in 2019. Are the Boone twins and Anderson terrible players? If I’m not mistaken, everyone is raving about Anderson and Boone right now. Also, not at all how salary increases work. No AD’s ever say “hey, you’re doing great. We just need you to do that for 2-3 more years and then we might give you a little more.” Doesn’t work like that. Again, I’m not saying throw him 5 mil a year or give him a decade long contract or anything crazy like that, just simply stop paying him like he’s coaching at Del City.


I said all of this before finding out that we now have to play at WVU and at Baylor after the bedlam games. 4 straight games vs top 10 teams, 3 of those 4 on the road, lead me to assume some of this won’t happen now.

First of all the jury is still out on Kaleb Boone on whether or not he can be a consistent go to guy. Keylan Boone at this time isn’t really a factor, last night played for the first time in forever. AA is a talented kid that has to play under control to get his full value. The turnovers are an issue with AA, but he had a nice upside. Ice only guy left from his recruiting class. Until last years class his recruiting has been underwhelming. As we sit today not one guy committed for 2021, but yes their is hope that we land the Mich. St. de-commitment. This years class because of Cade ranked in the top 10. MAM has a chance to be very good as does Walker. If AA and Kaleb continue to improve I’ll change my opinion on Boone and Anderson class. The AD’s who feel pressured up to pay coaches more than fair market value get fired eventually. Boynton is being paid I believe 1.5 to 1.9 million this year, hardly like coaching at Del City. All I’m saying is take a deep breath and let’s see what he accomplishes the rest of this year and next year. If he exceeds expectations than pay him what he’s due. That way the real works!

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So u got a win now ur got a chubby. First we got to get in and like u say win a couple.
Gundy gets paid actually less then alot of coach for wins. Years coached.
Yea he has been here four years but like u say 7th place isn’t worth us have. O now one maybe 3rd is now worth a long term deal.

U guys sound like u want to have ford back. One good year and give him money plus a contract.
What is this team really with out cade. Well next year we will find out.
Just because we go 500 this year. Next year when there still throwing upb15 turnovers shooting 20% from 3. No assist.
I like these kids but next year with out cade and his 20 points and double teams who is taking over. I doubt boyton he still coaching the same
This is just some thoughts to mull over.

3 or 4 more years I think Boynton wins the conference, then he’s good for life.

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I’ve had 16 years to see a sample of Gundy and I also realize that 7 out of the last 9 seasons his coaching and team have underperformed and not met their preseason conference placement expectations. In 2017 he gets his a$$ kicked in a home game against K State, places 3rd, and still thinks he should get more money (The most talented team we had since 2011). Then thanks to people like yourself we now have a coach that knows he doesn’t need to meet a standard for an additional pay raise.

Boynton’s team was predicted to get 6th in the conference this season (which is where they sit right now). I didn’t say anything about giving Boynton a long term deal. I said IF Boynton gets this team to the tournament and places this team at 6th or higher in the conference then he probably deserves to get a little higher pay.

For me it doesn’t make sense to pay additional money to a guy who has consistently underperformed more times than not the last 9 seasons and then consider keeping out basketball coach as the lowest paid in the conference for working his butt off in recruiting while getting wins against some of the best teams in the country on an almost every game basis.

This team played the #2 and undefeated team in the country without Cade and gave them all they wanted for 35 minutes.

You lost me immediately. Kalib (with an I) has not shown to be a consistent go to guy? You mean the guy that’s averaging better than 14 ppg on 68% shooting over the past two months isn’t a consistent go to guy? You’re messing with me right? Also, teams like Kansas, UNC, Duke, etc wouldn’t be at the top of recruiting lists if they didn’t get their huge recruits either. You can’t say “OSU would have a bad recruiting class if none of their really good recruits would have committed here.” Kinda stating the obvious there. And lastly, I’m not sure what your expectations are for him, and to be blatantly honest The athletic department doesn’t care what your expectations are for him, but according to his current pay he is far, far, far exceeding the pay of the 7th worst coach of any P5 school, and by a massive landslide.

Need to see how the season plays out, but HCMB deserves some sort of raise. He’s shown a lot of growth this season, but still makes a lot of young coach mistakes. We also have to remember this is the first season he’s coached his own guys. Let’s see how he does the rest of this year, and then next year without Cade. I think we’re on the brink of something special, but need to see what the next 13 months look like before doing anything irrational. Already made that mistake with Ford and we’re still paying for it.


Please check your stats and numbers before you start popping off. In the last 15 games Kalib Boone is averaging 10pts a game, and for the season he’s averaging 9pts. In those 15 games he had 7 games of more than 14pts. The other 8 games he scored 8 or less. In 4 of the last of 15 games he scored a whopping 1, 2, 4, and 5pts. Before you crown him an All-American let’s hope he continues to improve. My point on recruiting that you fail to comprehend is that when you bring in the number 1 ranked recruit in the country your your overall rank is much higher. I never said last year class was weak without Cade. I agree a class with Cade, MAM, and Walker is very good. The blue blood programs bring in top guys every year and yes the rankings reflect that. If Boynton starts landing a couple of top 50 guys every year, then I’ll agree he is a great recruiter. The last 2 classes have been good, but as I stated before as of right now nobody has signed for 2021. I don’t care what the athletic dept thinks about my opinion nor should they. I’m just alum throwing my 2 cents into a conversation on a message board. Lighten up have an opinion and move forward.

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Almost a good team then is that what ur saying. They lost that game by 16 at least corndog only lost to ou by 1. That is an example of a close game

I would just like to see the top half .

As slow as u r joe I’m sure alot of things dnt make sense. U just said we almost played well in a 16 point lose

So you would say location matters in regards to recruiting?

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But that last 15 sure was rough

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We still haven’t got clear of tcu for 8th

Sorry, meant to say the past month, not two months. In the past month (9 games) he is averaging 14, going over 15 in 6 of those 9 games, which shows he is clearly doing what you’re asking him to do. And trust me, I don’t fail to comprehend that bringing in the #1 recruit in the country makes your overall ranking higher. Mostly because it’s blatant common sense. That’s why I was so sarcastic about it. And again, he didn’t have the scholarships to give out in 2018 and if Williams and flavors return he won’t have the scholarships to give out in 2022. There’s a reason he isn’t promising 4-5 guys that they can play for him next year, he doesn’t have the room for them. Especially if the NCAA upholds their scholarship reduction sanction. He can’t just go give out fairy tale scholarships to guys if they don’t exist. All we’re saying is Boynton deserves more than bottom of the barrel pay. He’s paid like he’s one of the worst coaches in the United States, which up until now made sense but he’s clearly earned more than that and is nowhere near a bottom feeder coach right now, so it’s time to reward him for his work, just like any other job in America does.

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In theory he may have to take a scholarship away

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Not disagreeing, but to be fair we’ve only been to the tournament 7 times in the 52 seasons we’ve played with a head coach not named Eddie Sutton or Henry Iba, and 5 of those 7 came under Ford. He coached here for 8 seasons, which means he made the tournament in 62% of the seasons he coached here, whereas all other coaches not named Eddie or Henry Iba made it only 4% of the time. It was definitely time to move away from him when we did, but it’s a little sad how much a lot of people hated him so much when he was here. Not saying you do, just in general a lot of OSU fans despised him. He’s easily the 3rd most successful coach to ever coach at OSU, and he was one of the classiest and nicest guys you could ever meet. He even still reaches out to the OSU fan base constantly and he was fired from here over 5 years ago. Definitely wish him the best.

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