Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 78-66 Loss to Kansas

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On Cade’s expectations and Boone’s late absence.

Boy howdy. Everybody is excited.
The things is we still have the same coach and team now as we started with.
Boynton camping in losing leads and not showing player development. We got to get out of the one forward set.
Team coming in was young only one starter. No center. And have some players who are shooter challenge.
Bye my first thought of no player development why would u think much would change.

I agree. Sounds a lot like the football coach and team. Always maintains the status quo and no further development or improvement.

Boone not able to defend McCormick was a given. But Boon has shown lately that he can score. Big mistake keeping him on the bench so long in the second half. Coach Mikey is questionable.

This is a bb post. If my post hurt ur feelings then state where is was wrong. I know it sums up pretty good.

I’m not really that worried about this loss or any of the other reasons that people are panicking. This Big-12 COVID conference season is a crap shoot guys. These teams aren’t practicing like normal, and their routines are all out of whack for programs that 100% routine-oriented. You can it affecting both teams in every game that we play. The turnovers, very streaky shooting, and busted assignments are the only constant for teams #2-#8 in the league. Outside of the TCU anomaly, this team has as good an argument for the second best team in the league as anyone else. Given our youth and COVID craziness, I’d say that’s major progress from Coach Mike. He’s still learning, but we’re in a new chapter of this program finally.

This is all about experimenting and finding this team’s identity and winning formula against different styles of opponents. If holding Boone out hurts us this game but helps the staff breakthrough to Kalib for the rest of the year and his career, that’s way more important.

Look at that last paragraph from Ice. I don’t think you could sit down with a PR team and come up with a better quote from your team leader after a hard loss. If Ice, Mike, and Cade are leading this team, the sky is still the limit.

Let’s all just appreciate how far we’ve come since not being able to fill out a roster and never being in games against decent teams. We’re one 40% 3-point shooter from being a 3 or 4 seed, when Walker or Williams is hitting we can beat anyone.


More on the fourth thought: They really, really, really need to have Boone start developing an outside shot. If he can pull those big men away from the paint with a shot, then use athleticism to drive, then I don’t care how good an opposing big man is on offense, no coach is going to keep getting burned like that.

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Disagree about player development. Boone, Walker, Moncrief, Anderson. All are developing. This is a young team making mistakes that young teams make. I respectfully disagree on Boynton. I think he’s a hell of a recruiter and will be a very good coach on the court. He’s learning and developing as a coach. That takes time.


Well said Matt! Could not agree more.

Maybe Coach was trying to make a point that if you can’t defend a guy bigger than you AND you can’t shoot outside then you are not helping the team. I like the strategy of making a big defend a guard. When you are at a size disadvantage it is the only real option. Now, the guard needs to knock down shots and drive to the basket, which was not happening, but that is not necessarily a strategy issue as much as it is a lack of execution.

I’m not going to push this its ur opinion.
Walker scores 20 one game 5 next.
Andersen is a turnover machine plays out of control
Mon had 0 rebounds about 5 games a go. If ur in the box u think accidentally u could get a board.
Boone yes has most experience and is coming along.
Ice has got worse.
I know some injuries but I haven’t seen the development sorry

I think these guys are going to be fine - it just may not be this year. I think they’re definitely a fun tournament team - maybe even two rounds. As much as I hate the FACT that Cade’s a one-and-done, I think these guys will keep getting better. It seems like there’s been a little, “let’s wait and see if Cade can carry us back” from the rest of the team lately. Personally, I think he could use another real year in college. But, $$ don’t lie…
I didn’t get leaving Boone out so much. I understand making a point, but stats don’t lie either! McCormack lit us up in the 2nd half - NO one could stop him - no guards, that is. At least the Boone/Moncrief combo slowed him some.

I’m not a fan of the 4 guards. So yes 2 fowards have done us better. If their not going to play boone as a guard then flip him to another forward.
Aggressive defense is good but not offense. Just out of control. Never seen so many offense charges.
There r things boyton has not changed in 4 years.

The turnovers… Make excuses how you want, that’s coaching. There are other teams with the same COVID restrictions not turning it over like this.

4 years same results so far. His teams play with no discipline. About next year I keep hearing we will be a good team because we are young but we still will have no big man and no Cade so not sure how really good we will be. Ice is a very average player and would be a guy that comes of the bench on a lot of teams. He is just to slow and could loose about 20 pounds.

Ice just hurts this team I’m sorry. They know he probably won’t shoot a three but they will let him and they know that he can’t get around them and if he does chances are he misses the lay up and if they fowl him he makes 1 out of every 3. Just get tired of guards blowing past him to the rim over and over.

No really jeff tell us how u feel lol. He has not developed. Him and mon need to shot 100 ft a day or more.

I second the perception that the team is not playing with enough discipline and that falls on the coach. As an example, when I was at Central Michigan U. for graduate school they had a mediocre Division 2 football team. One of my roommates in the dorm was on the football team so I partied with some of those guys and they were far from being very disciplined. Then a few years later after leaving CMU I see the same guys that I knew from that team on TV playing for the Division 2 national championship. What struck me the most was that they moved like a well oiled machine, they were that disciplined. I had never seen a football team work as one. They resembled robots and won the championship. I thought at the time that the head coach worked a miracle in whipping those guys into shape with discipline. And I don’t see anything like that on the court from the Cowboys. Like against KU, OK, one guy takes the ball up court and dribbles into 3 defenders and of course it’s a turnover. But that same thing happened again and again. At least 3 times I saw it and I think it was Avery Anderson each time. Not sure about that because Anderson and Bryce Williams look similar to me when they are on the court.

We need to get Ice back on the ball and let Cade play the SG. KU doubled Cade all night and slumped off Ice. Ice could have had 15 pts easy if he could shoot a jump shot. We need Ice to drive and dish and Cade to be the shooter.

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I agree that he is doing a good job developing the players. HCMBs going up against some of the best coaches CBB has ever known. I think he would do well to take on a more deliberate tempo while on offense. May not be his style but when you shoot as poorly and turn the ball over like we do you need to work your strategy to minimize those 2 stats.