Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 79-75 Victory against Oklahoma

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On the “soldiers” and dancing around brooms.

Number 6: this team wasn’t even at full strength while sweeping the sooners. They were missing arguably their second best player in ice.

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Updated ESPN bracket: We’re a 4th seed in the region that has Illinois as the 1 seed. :thinking:


Feels good, man. Let’s see what we can do with this heat.


“But history suggests it bodes well for his potential to become a significant contributor at Oklahoma State, and underscores just how big a coup it is for Mike Gundy and Co. to score a talent of his caliber. It’s a potential breakthrough on the recruiting trail, and one that could affect positive change for years to come.”

"Positive change for years to come " just like all the positive change that came from winning the conference in 2011. Everyone talks about how recruiting has gotten better every year since 2011. That’s the reason we have been able to repeat so many times. It’s been like a chain reaction. Total dominance!

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Sir, this is a Wendy’s.

When your Gundy Derangement Syndrome goes so unchecked that you wake up in a basketball thread, munching on the disposable try-on socks you got from the shoe store, ranting about football recruits.


I’m back. I had more to say. Let’s put this in context.

After our basketball team sweeps OU in an unprecedented two games in three days, the only thing you want to come in here and talk about is the NEGATIVE SPIN you’re putting on the outstanding recruit the football team is bringing in.

Get help. Please. If not for yourself, for your children. If not for them, then for the people who are tired of hearing it.


Since long ago starting with the days of Oklahoma A&M we have been known as a basketball and wrestling school. Then came baseball and golf for additional dominance. Unfortunately, football is not part of our legacy. But I would hope that we could enjoy the high from what is going on with the basketball team this season without bringing us down by thinking about the woes of the football program. Plenty of time to do that later on this year. This is a time for honoring our players, not dishonoring them. It was great to hear how loud the fans were last night. There was tangible high energy in that building even from a scant crowd. Loyal fans sending positive vibes.

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Two great wins, yet it is criminal what the Big 12 has done to OSU schedule-wise.

Harsh reality is the Pokes could still find themselves playing on the first day of the Big 12 tournament – simply because 10-8 is percentage points worse than 9-7.

Baylor, meanwhile, is going to NOT have to play West Virginia twice…or OU twice…or Texas twice. They’ll be four games short of the full Big 12 schedule and still donned champions.

It could potentially get this ugly: Baylor could sit key players this Sunday vs. Tech – in a game OSU might really need BU to win. In a sense, Baylor could essentially concede the game since their No. 1 seed in the both the Big 12 and NCAA tournaments and will be solidified.

Woes? Y’all wildin’. We haven’t had a losing season in like 15 years even when Daxx Garman was our QB. This is the best reason I’ve heard to fire Gundy. We need to go back to actual failure so you can be happy again when we make a bowl instead of having ridiculous expectations every year.

If we win a tournament game this year in BB, people are going to poop their drawers because we’ve been so bad for so long. I just want to see you sad sacks be excited again.


Based on the number of games in a short time frame and the quality of the competition, my thoughts were wining two of the games would have been satisfying. The priority being, of course, to sweep OU. Now that we have swept OU, I’m not satisfied with “just” two wins. We fans are fickle and success can be intoxicating. Go POKES!!


I don’t think anyone is satisfied with two wins. That’s a Mike Gundy line of thinking. I WANT them to win the rest but we were just talking about what they need to do for a tourney appearance. I hope they pull a 2003 Syracuse and win the entire thing.

I was on the edge of my seat the whole game! Dang basketball games can be a ride. Great to see our guys shine and continue pushing even though the Sooners seemed to hit so many threes! Also, the Reaves hoop-de-whatever shot was one of the more incredible shots I’ve seen outside of the Harlem Globetrotters. Props for that, but not too many props :slight_smile:

+1 to Tai, FFS let’s cheer our teams and enjoy their wins.

I’ve said it in the past and I’ll say it again…After years of watching Ford never use post players and never developing them as well, Boynton getting the post involved on offense is such a joy. I think I saw both Boone’s and Moncrieffe out there at the same time. Thats a lineup that never would have happened under Ford.

Trust me I WANT the same thing you want. I was simply trying to be rational with the realities of how the Big 12 hammered us, road games and the quality of the competition.

Travis Ford couldn’t even beat the Texas Tech’s of the world (when they sucked) with McDonald’s All-Americans on the court. When they hired Ford I wondered why we hired a coach from UMASS who’s only ever been to the NIT.

When boynton gets 5 ncaa berths then u can tell us all about it.

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I shall do so sir!!!

Incredible you know all the lows of our programs , I still say you are a goon troll :blush:
You and ar0 bring football into a basketball post … derangement !! No one can enjoy a conversation on any sport for you and your chums ruining it … go back to Owen field


Cry me a river.