Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 83-78 Victory against Oral Roberts

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It was another tight one in GIA.

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Not exactly pretty but the 5th game of the season. Boynton will get that improved and this will be a nice team around the 10 game mark or so.

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Ice is so good. His defense is really good. Then, when the game is over, a review of his stats shows just how valuable he is to our team. I don’t know if we are better than 7th in the league, but I like our intensity.


9 assist no good , no assist in first half trouble. This would be the reason for slow start. I hope boynton develops a offensive scheme by game 10 too.

Our perimeter defense is going to have to improve if they want to win in the Big 12. Two games straight they have been lit up from the 3 pt range and their three point shooting is almost dismal. The best part is getting into the lane and getting those fouls. Getting into the lane a lot but missing a lot of those short shots.
The youth is showing but they have a LOT of talent. Wish this Covid BS was gone. They deserve to hear the ROAR of GIA!


Agree - I think he’s our best player.

Maybe extending that zone to the 3pt line would cut down our vulnerability to the long shots. Two games in a row we have been hosed by 3 pointers. At this rate we are likely to lose to any team that has a hot hand outside the 3pt arc. Everything else seems to be clicking. The improvements are incremental as you would expect with a young team. With the length we have in our guards you would expect that we would be able to force the long shots out a foot or two.

They’ve only played zone defense against Marquette. Man to man defense the past 2 games when the opponent’s 3 point shooting has been red hot.

You really think this team is going to improve at a faster rate than teams coached by Self, Huggins, Beard, Kruger, etc.? What about watching Mike Boynton teams for the past 3+ years makes you think he is a capable strategist/teacher? I can’t think of a single player who made significant improvement under Boynton’s tutelage. Not saying this team will not improve, but acting like it is a foregone conclusion that the team will peak at the right time like they did under Eddie is not supported by anything Mike Boynton has done to date. Even Boynton’s defenders should acknowledge that his strength is recruiting, not player development.

Regardless, of what your response is, I will toss a like your way if you respond without referencing Gundy or the football program.

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Lmao that’s funny travis, I never thought about do that. Hopefully his asst. Can help with improving players.

What do you not understand about how difficult it is to coach a team when at one point Boynton had 8 active players and was holding tryouts for the team?

Was this not a coach that beat Kansas twice in the same year his very first season? He won 21 games in his very first season without having one single player that is currently on an NBA roster anywhere.

Then once he does take over for the program he all of sudden had to deal with an NCAA investigation while trying to recruit and get kids to come to OSU.

So yeah…when I see a coach trying his best while at the same time trying to combat the issues that no current coach at the university in any other sport is dealing with right now. That tells me he has the capabilities and intelligence to provide a pretty good team for the first time he’s been given a fair opportunity to do so.

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U dnt give allowance to coach. They had no assists in the first half. I know u think this is nba, and it’s a free for all.

One coach has mediocre recruiting, runs the same exact thing every week, makes excuses for losses, doesn’t have to deal with NCAA investigations, and gets paid regardless of his team regresses every week, and bitches when he doesn’t get a pay raise.

One coach got the 5th best recruiting class in the country, makes adjustments in the game, doesn’t make many excuses, has to deal with NCAA investigations, and is COACHING to KEEP his job and TRIES to improve his team while never mentioning anything about a pay raise.

I remember a few times sutton got down 7 or 8 players and found a way.

You don’t think Boynton mentioned anything to his players about that?

Which one? If your talking about Sean Sutton he found a way to get fired. If your talking about Eddie Sutton please provide me the years you are speaking of?

He has no offense scheme. I’ve never heard of no assists in a half. Even on a fast break u can get an assist. I know u have a had time understanding these things like no scheme no center, but its important. I like boynton but look at the difference in halves. No assists 28% shooting 2nd 9 assists 62%. Its not all on assists, but they do improve shoots.

Joe u really think bouyton talks about basketball to his team

  1. The fact that he was faced with a situation where he only had 8 players and was holding tryouts for the team tells me that he has serious issues with program management and/or player discipline. Good coaches rarely find themselves in that position.

  2. Thank you for pointing out that in his best season to date, he was playing with players that a more competent coach recruited and developed (Underwood). The longer Boynton has had the reigns, the more he has disappointed.

  3. The NCAA problems did not come down until after he brought home three straight bad seasons. Further, while I do not think he should bear the bulk of the blame for the NCAA problems, I also find it hard to believe that he was completely ignorant of what Lamont Evans (who Boynton referred to as “like a brother”) was doing.

  4. I agree with you that Boynton is trying his best.

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One thing about it, if he can finish 4th in the conference consistently, he has a job for the next 20 years.