Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 87-84 Loss to West Virginia

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Another late run catches Cowboys.

Disappointed we didn’t win with such a large lead but Huggy has some players too. Boynton is getting there as far as coaching. Hope we learn to play the forty minutes without losing big leads. As well as we played for 30 minutes, this shouldn’t happen. This league is a gauntlet :crazy_face::cowboy_hat_face:

Sorry but this is boynton’s MO. If they could set up an offense during those runs. This is what boynton is not a closer.
The team defense looks good when the other team shoots 35%.

Can PFB do some investigating on why we have gone back to using the 1992 crow’s nest camera angle? It makes the arena look like a high school gym. That was always a knock on old GIA but they fixed the camera angle when they expanded the arena. Now it looks like they have gone back to it.

We have been consistently in foul trouble for the past 3.5 years. That is because Boynton does not know how to coach defensive technique. There won’t be any Tony Allen type defenders coming out of this program as long as he is the coach.

Well I’m ok with that. If u dnt have a good center its tuff. But yes poor rotation.

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Every loss has been on boynton and his poor second half coaching. He doesn’t do anything when his players take bad shots in the second half. The first half is always a team game and then the second half becomes a individual game with players trying to go one on one or taking bad 3 point shots. He wants to throw a bench player in with 11 minutes left in the second half with a 20 point lead like this game is over which was the turning point in the game when WV made their run.
There are enough guards on this team to sit a player every time they take a bad shot. The lineup of Anderson Likekele and Cunningham work because those 3 point guards move the ball. When Walker, Williams, flavors and Boone are in those guys don’t keep it moving and the lead gets cut.


Totally agree. Talent wins the first half. Coaching wins the second.

Boynton is a nice, personable guy who loves being at OSU. HOWEVER, if he doesn’t start winning,
his time here will end soon. Travis Ford was also a nice, personable guy, but he just couldn’t win. Boynton needs to make the NCAA tournament and win at least one game. Otherwise, its time to say goodbye.

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Some positives I can see here:

  • They’ve seemed to clean up the turnovers a bit the last two games

  • We know the talent is THERE and this team is capable of winning big games

  • We’ve seen an increase in assists the past couple of games.

Some negatives still trending:

  • They’ve got to stop losing big leads and start containing them.

  • They need to stop fouling so much. Stop continuously sending the other team to the line for free points.

  • Play smart in crunch time. They don’t always need to shoot a three to keep the game in reach. Especially if they aren’t any good at them.

you beat me to it. and you’re exactly right. We went through a several-minute stretch where guys were jacking up shots from behind the line and early in the shot clock instead of doing what worked in the first half and got them the lead. Eddie would have sat their a$$ on the bench. Mike has to get tougher (or tough at all) and take control. He can’t be their buddy all the time.

Captain obsessive ur bad parts r all down to the coach. I know how u hate conservative play u would have pulled ur hair out watching the four corners of iba

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I agree. I don’t have any hair hardly left after watching that OSU vs TCU game where we won the turnover battle 5-1 and still only managed to put up 15 points on offense.

Some one needs to keep to basketball. Read the post everyone acts like they can.

19 points that’s getting into the riley realm of loses

The Riley realm of losses is 8 in the last four seasons. The Gundy realm of losses is 20 in the last four seasons.

How long does he get to “get there”? I get it, he’s on the Jr. Coach salary and he’s basically a trainee, but man, I can’t go back to the Travis Ford era where we recruit well on paper and can’t win a game.

21 pt lead

Boynton has proven he can recruit except for a big man. It’s on him now to jump in the middle of their a#### when they make dumb plays. We have the talent to finish 500 in the league
The TCU loss was a killer

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The ncaa is either going to push it back a year or drop it. So if boynton cannt change then we let him ride out the suspension if any. As to be done with it. It wont bother the new coach.

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