Five Thoughts on OSU Football's Start to the Early Signing Period

Originally published at: Five Thoughts on OSU Football's Start to the Early Signing Period | Pistols Firing

OSU had a big start to signing day on Wednesday.

Oh boy, THIS 40th ranked class will be different than all the others from the past, I can feel it! Don’t pay attention to what TCU, TTU, or Baylor are doing now, staying the course that we’ve set by recruiting the same way for the past decade will get us to the next level!


I dnt think we get bumps like other school. Zane should have been bump to a 4 star. I want to know why the day before signing day they feel the need to drop our punters number. Really. They don’t give good numbers but drop it


They did an excellent job of plugging holes and, hopefully, finding some hidden gems in this class. Also, with the portal and NIL recruiting is different from it has been in the past. The Pokes did what they needed to do given the changing environment. I’m going to wait and see how this plays out before I start being critical of this class.


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I guess I missed where the diamonds in the rough have developed into conference titles or even conference championship game appearances except for one.

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You do know osu is the last big 12 te to win a big 6 bowl

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Highest paid coach in the conference and one Big 6 win in the last decade. WOW.

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Yet another incredible HO-HUM 2023 class (transfers and HS)… from our high-paid Coach … who continues (his entire career) to punch so far below his weight it’s down right sickening …

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I’m not suggesting we need to change coaches or anything drastic like that. I’m just saying we need to take a moderate step-up in the talent we recruit, similar to what TCU, Tech, and Baylor have done.

Only punch below his weight in recruiting, in terms of development the coaching staff has done an outstanding job.

If we can just start to develop higher rated recruits, we will get over the hump. It’s been the only thing holding the program back for the last decade. If we got consistent top 30 recruiting classes instead of consistent top 50 classes, we could take a big leap.

You think stillwater isnt an exciying place for 4and 5 stars. Does stillwater have a exotic car dealer. Tallest building is a&m grainy. No base like tcu has.

@thomas15 do we have nil deals like tcu baylor or tech.


Not sure about how stacked we are in terms of NIL stuff, but we shouldn’t be that far behind on that front compared to Baylor and Tech! TCU is different and has much more appeal than either of those other programs

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Gundy was underperforming long before nil.

Before nil tcu and baylor had the 3 and 4th best recruiting, why? Location location location.

They have better location and nil deals now.

Stillwater is really the only base for osu to recruit from.

Even tech has the whole west texas.

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Excuse after excuse.


Your saying location and nil money have nothing to do with recruiting. No wonder you cant comprehend anything.

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Ok I can see you thinking that way. Sorry for prejudging

Looking at ON3 a good chunk of TCU’s 4 star’s come from the DFW area. Pretty good anecdotal evidence that location is a factor.


OSU’s class is top 10 nationally according to On3‘s rankings, with seven total incoming transfers on the way to help band-aid some significant losses — ESPN said our class ranks 9th out of 10 Big XII schools. Hope On3 is right but a lot of the guys they picked up in the portal are with non-Power 5 programs. Not to say there aren’t some good players on those teams but there has to be a dud or three amongst those. But we shall see.