Football Recruits Senior Season

@derrick had a great idea here: he wanted to create a thread to talk about how OSU commits are doing during their senior seasons. Shane Illingworth, Brennan Presley, Zach Middleton, etc.

This is your place! We do a weekly roundup where I’ll drop in stats I find, but feel free to have at it …

You might need to take up residence in Bixby, because Brennan is putting up madden numbers. Also are we in on his brother? Didn’t know

Thanks Kyle. Just figured with all the eyes on local kids somebody might be able to give some first hand knowledge on occasion.

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OSU isn’t in on his brother, Braylin … yet. He’s just a Class of 2022 recruit (only a sophomore). But OSU definitely will be. He looks like the next big thing at running back in the state.


As good as Henson was, I was a little disappointed to hear how he handled Cade Bennett’s recruitment. He didn’t offer him because he was 1/2 inch too short? Are you kidding? Great article on this by @marshall. Really glad to have Coach Dickey now. Insane how things play out.

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Agreed @derrick! That stood out to me, too. I think Henson was a great coach and recruiter, but recruiting using hard-and-fast guidelines like that seems … odd.