Football Season Rhythms

We are currently brainstorming about what we’re going to write on a weekly basis and I wanted to see what you all wanted to see on a weekly basis. Hit me with thoughts or ideas, either original or what you’ve seen other sites do.

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-Opposing team reviews
-Former player interviews about football
-More fan interactions, in particular this year. A lot of us won’t be there but curious on what the experience is like.
-Weekly Chuba Heisman Watch
-Weekly Tylan Biletnikoff Watch
-Virtual Gameday Experiences


I like many of these.

I particularly like the opponent’s fan site view (like WRNL). Definitely award watch list update.

I also like the analysis of interviews. And film breakdown!

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I really love breakdowns with video clips. Helps us casuals really get into the X’s and O’s. Maybe like an offensive highlights breakdown on Tuesdays and a defensive one on Thursdays?


Maybe not every week but I would love to know more about Osu baseball recruiting.


recruiting in general

My 2c is less recruiting emphasis. More X&O recaps of prior game (could be 3… one for run game, one for passing game, one for defense) as well as X&O’s of coming opponent. Former player interviews is great idea. Create some graphical stat trackers (different visual view of PPD and other stats week to week and comparison to other Top 10 teams perhaps?). Historical player comparisons (bye week content).


I think recruiting info is overrated and x/o’s way underrated. I say that because social media allows for easier access to recruiting info but an in depth analysis is hard to find in the age of 140 characters.


Mondays are for why Gundy is the worst
Tuesdays for why Gundy is the best
Wednesdays for why he’s starting the wrong QB
Thursdays for why he’s starting the right QB
Fridays for btw there is probably a game tomorrow


I’m not sure of everyone else’s thoughts, but I always enjoyed Mrs. Pistols’ predictions. Being a huge sports fan myself with a wife who could really care less I got a laugh out of some of her takes!


To echo many comments above: As much film break down as Ragusa is willing to produce. Maybe 1 post of what things the opponent may do to get favorable matchups and 1 for what OSU can do to exploit their weaknesses.

Then once per week I want a Dunn interview specifically asking him which plays were his idea and which ones were forced on him by Gundy. Follow that with a Ragusa analysis of Gundy vs Dunn play calling.

How about a weekly roundup of how the players utilize the #INFLUENZA… wait… #INTOXICATION… no that’s not it. The new NIL app that OSU bought into.


I’ll big time co-sign this. As a self-admitted diehard fan who’s far too invested, I always enjoy the perspective of people who couldn’t care less and view sports in a much more casual way, especially when it’s funny like all of the Mrs. Pistols stuff was.


I am down for all of that. I am going to try my best. Definitely will have the game film review. Want to do the preview posts but I think I only was able to do like three games last year.

Honestly though, I need to quit making excuses.


Any X’s and O’s type post suggestions are always welcome. I’m not the mastermind @AdamLunt or some of you other guys are, but I try my best, I show up everyday, I hustle, and I’ve got grit.

Most compare me to Dillon Stoner, Josh Cooper, etc.


that aint truuu!


While road trips to games won’t be happening this season. I think in the future It would be neat to do guest blogs that allow/ say an Iowa State writer to preview Ames as a city to give local suggestions on restaurants, bars, and things to do while following the pokes in the road.


Or even a road trip journal- similar to the Barry Tramel travelblog. Essentially a pokes pov while while watching a games in Lawerence, Norman, etc…

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This! Give me some Boise suggestions. I just stroll art random when I go to away games at this point.

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Since the 10 thoughts is my favorite post game content, I think I’d like a midweek companion - 5 things I’m still thinking about and 5 I’m thinking about heading into this week’s game.