Former Five-Star Center Moussa Cisse Commits to Oklahoma State

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Cisse was the No. 10 recruit in the 2020 class.

You got the answer to your question @jeff36


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But you can’t recruit to Stillwater though. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Great job and congratulations to Coach Boynton and the staff on their persistent hard work and effort. It paid off! This is a great addition to the team.


Can’t wait for this season.

That would be a reference to football. It’s not just us. When was the last time a #1 recruit choose a big 12 team not named ou or Texas.
Heck throw in ou and Texas.
Now compare that to big 12 bb.

No one is asking for the top football recruit. No one is even asking for 5 stars in football. A consistent top 25 class with 6-8ish 4 stars would be nice and should be achievable.



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It’s the same and basically. Maybe Baylor and tcu have had a couple. Gundy had some early. He is in line for one this year.
But dnt make stillwater out to be the land of milk and honey.
It’s had to convince recurits that the can be draft by not being on a blue blood team.
I don’t even know y I’m explain reality to u. In one eye out the other.

Wow we might get one top 25 class in the last how many years? Gundy recruits sub par for the current position OSU is in. Keep making excuses for the guy to be average.

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Man this is a brilliant class and team now. 2x 5 star players and a bunch of 4 star players and experience to boot. Cant wait to see what Boynton does with this team.


Not excuses reality. Like I said u wouldn’t understand.

Keep telling yourself that robert28…in whatever garbled message form you want to use.

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The reality is Gundy is a below average recruiter and an average coach right now. He was a good coach when he was younger but he has fallen off.


U can personal attack me all u want. It won’t change the fact.
I hear all the time about get a good asst. From a blue blood or a good coach.
Resent results.
Ku got miles. Did see a flock of 4 stars.
Baylor got DC from lsu. He hasn’t landed a 4 star d guy yet. Tech got wells, a proven coach. Ksu got a wonderful coach. None have improved recruiting. Even Campbell hasn’t. But we will get a guy like tha will come in and change everything.


I’m just glad gundy cut that stupid mullet and has a grown up hair cut now!!!

And the 5 star recruit. The more high profile kids you get to come the more you get to follow🤷‍♂️. Just like the kid said…”I saw what they did with Cade”.


Sure did!

Boynton did a great job at getting cade