Former OKC-Area Star Owen Condon Transferring From Georgia

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Condon picked UGA over OSU and others out of high school.

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Well it at least would be a great reserve. He played for a natty so we should be what he is looking for. Play time and close to home.


Definitely worth a scholly, sign him up!


Sign him !! He played in almost every game for the national champs, he will play here !!


We won’t sign him though. Our coaching staff isn’t interested in portal guys this off-season and offensive line isn’t a concern to them.

Certainly have whiffed on portal transfers but the OL is seen as a concern by staff.

It it’s seen as a concern then why haven’t we fixed it in the last 8+ years?

Come on Coach Dickey,& Coach Gundy,get him to Stillwater

Since you’re such a genius go apply to be apart of the coaching staff we see you on every post giving negative feedback so go help them be positive


Well, garth, you see, joe is a troll. He had a rough year because we won a NY6 bowl and it proved to everyone that he’s an idiot. It was a big disappointment to him because we struggled early and he was sure we were going to have a bad season. He had all of these narratives and little gems of what passes as wisdom to a clown all ready to unleash and then we did great. Joe has the heart of a champion, though, so after licking his wounds, he got out of his bed in his mother’s basement, stalked his ex-wife on social media, and just started nitpicking with those complaints anyway. He doesn’t have to be right or logical because he’s loud and persistent and repetitive.


What do you want me to say in reference to the OL? That’s it’s going to be good? We didn’t pick up any guys out of the portal. Our best lineman is going to be gone. About the only positive thing I can say is we did pick up a JUCO All-American and Jenkins was a second round pick.

Last season we proved if one lineman went down we would struggle immensely to run the ball. Sanders has to run around for his life half the time. We’ve had two lineman drafted in twelve seasons. Vanderbilt, for example, has four lineman drafted in that same time frame.

What positives have you seen from the OL since Wickline left?

I actually said the ND win was a good one by Gundy. I just don’t understand why he had to get down by three touchdowns before deciding it was time to change course offensively.

You’re right. I do have the heart of a champion. I would rather take a chance to win a championship instead of playing it safe and hoping I don’t lose.

Us your own logic. Dickey hasn’t been here 5 years.
How many has boynton got drafted. Can they shot ft.
You wanted 4vstar dickey went and got one. With a guy like hunter leaving tells us hunter thinks the line will be better. Dickey had a lineman retire and two kicked off. We heard all about boynton having to kick guys off.

This is why you never win debates. Your tunnel vision. Then there is your obsession.
I know you will try and comeback with some weird reasoning. This is your logic.

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Or it could be because he realizes a team like Nebraska (who hasn’t made a bowl game since 2016) will take him. A better chance for him to start there. Also, Dickey and Boynton have had the same amount of draft picks so far.

Dickey has two more years to prove to me he can get another lineman drafted. This is why you’re so gullible. I just told you that even Vanderbilt had twice as many lineman drafted than we have (The Kansas of the SEC).

If hunter goes to Nebraska and starts that tells you we have a line better then a blue blood.
Look at Texas they had one year no one got draft.
Maimi over a period of time had the most nfl drafts.
See you reference really dnt mean anything

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The isu coach has just doubled boyntons Win in the dance in one year.

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He’s got the same amount as underwood does at OSU and Illinois combined. Not much of a point.

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He got in with a 7-11 conference record in his first year. Boynton got snubbed after quality wins and an 8-10 conference record. Boynton also held that same coach to 36 points on his own court on senior night.

Joey donyou need a tissue for those tears.
Joey I’m just going off what you say. I we have heard about is that 1 win by boynton.

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His best player won’t be there next season. If he’s such a great coach then why did he:

  1. Only split games against Boynton (barely winning the first time)?

  2. Only score 36 points while getting beat 17 on his own court on senior night against Boynton?

  3. Why did he finish behind Boynton in the conference rankings?

Side note: He also played a weaker schedule than Boynton

It’s not tears from me. Instead, it sounds like desperation from you. I’m just trying to figure out why you think this guy is so much better than Boynton? He literally got seven players in from the transfer portal. That’s called recruiting, not coaching.