Former Oklahoma State Running Back Dominic Richardson Commits to Baylor

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Richardson is staying in the Big 12.

Irony: played at private Catholic school (McGuinness); originally committed to Texas Christian; transferring to Baylor (Baptist).


Baylor has some serious issues going on.
They have 1 qb. Just lost there in coming qb.
Losing 4 lineman i think they picked up 1.

If they go after sanders will they lose their last qb. Lol

They play tonite. I wonder if there qb can make the whole game.


I guess you missed knowless first year. They literally didnt have guys on 1 side of the ball when play started.

I know mason has recruited more players then knowless

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He’s gonna have some tough competition for carries. The Bears are stacked at RB, with Reese, Williams and Jones.


Any news on spencer

Baylor graduates all 5 O Linemen, we’ll see how well they can reload there.

I think 1 still has a year left

I have seen rumors that Auburn and Florida were interested in Sanders. Florida took Mertz from Wisconsin so that must be off the table. Given the right situation, Sanders could make a team much better. Best of luck to him. I’m curious about Trace Ford. Medically will Trace get a chance to play at a strong D1 program? Wish him the best.


Why can’t you give knowels credit for producing the best defense in osu history? Why do you down play him.

Bet they reload that o-line faster than no offensive line gundy.

Did he produce the best or just game call.

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I give gundy credit for one year out of 19 years

Gundy was good in the beginning. But lost his fire and got old. That’s life it happens.

He didnt recruit or coach his lb. Name one guy he was primary recruiter on. We were stacked with player because of covid.

He made mediocre guys great

How come our same D-line did absolutely nothing this year?

How all he did was suck on cigars in his office. Gundy went after him over his first year

I never said he was a great recruiter but now that you mentioned it he made dukes defense one of the best in their division also. A guy doesn’t go to different places and has success being a bumb