Former Oklahoma State Running Back Dominic Richardson Commits to Baylor

So your saying mason told the same guys not to get sacks. That is on players not coach. 70 % of our sacks in 21 were off the 4 man front.

He sucked on cigar’s after all his 2 quarter shut outs

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What? They could do it one year and not the next because the players lost their ability :joy:. Now Roberto don’t show your assss nobody wants to see it

Who’s job is it to decide what front to use? The players? :joy:

You mean halfs.

I never heard any body jump up and down for knowless until his last. He had how many 6 and 5 year guys.

He did nice play calling but, other then that no

So did gundy

But knowels produced and Gumby did not

Your an idiot. I dnt even know what to say. Ive heard many of stupid chit from the stooges this is the best.

Is it the players fault. Yes it is. There base defense is 4 guys. That not a special call. Lol just more proof you have no football knowledge

What are you talking about

You just hate coaches that get the deserved credit for making gundy look half way decent.

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That’s why you hate on Hogerson, Knowles, I think that’s the only good hires he has made in 19 years

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Look you dnt know what your talking Bout. You cant follow your own post. Im not going to teach you football. I dnt have enough time or patience for small bus student’s

No i give credit that the coaches deserve. Knowless came in 2018 and had that defense better i would habe give he a lot of acclaim. But, if a guy has a great year with great players that not great coaching.

Dana lol how good is he. One good year in west Virginia and 1 at Houston.
Dana is another coach that does really good with really good players.

Your a complete idiot. Holgerson gave gundy his only big win in 19 years. You can’t teach me football because your……well dumb. If you football you would not have your pathetic stance on good vs bad coaches. Your to stupid to reason. Yes Roberto that is pee not rain

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You’ve been wrong for 4 years on this thread and your wrong about next year lol. Poor Roberto to stupid to know his coach isn’t bringing him anything for Christmas. Just think, it’s taking you 18 years of watching sorry pathetic meaningless bowl games just to make you think there is still a chance. That’s called stupidity and you wreak of it.

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Sorry was that to harsh? You deserve it

Lol ok just because i call you stupid and prove it, doesnt mean you can just call me the same.

First off what did dana win. You do know we won the conference in 2011 dana wasnt on the osu staff.

Second that just more proof how stupid you are.

Lol harsh. I guess if it was rite i would stop. But jeff your the idiot. Lol dnt even know who the coaches are.

Your just sad. Because you keep talking about dana monkey knowless. But there has only been glass and gundy ever year. Gundy is osu program not dead beat guys like dana

He’s the one that brought the offense to Brandon and he knew it like the back of his hand and ran it the following year retard.

Right not rite

Bet me that gundy doesn’t win 7 games next year and who ever looses gets off this forum for ever. You such an idiot on here talking up your coach but will never put your money where your mouth is because it’s always occupied around Gumby’s pole.

Thats it go to the corner. I cant believe you keep digging you hole deeper. If he is this guru why hasnt he lead the nation as a hc.