Former Oklahoma State Wide Receiver John Paul Richardson Commits to TCU

Originally published at: Former Oklahoma State Wide Receiver John Paul Richardson Commits to TCU | Pistols Firing

Richardson is headed to TCU.

Classy message to the OSU fans. Best of luck to him, except for one Saturday each fall.

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Nice one Mike.


I can’t blame the guy for looking for a better situation. He did everything right while at OSU. He owes nothing more, IMO.

I can’t either. This is the staff failing.

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Frog :frog: culture at it’s best.

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Totally agree. Glad Gundy’s bringing back the entire staff so we can continue our journey to bottom-feeder status.


TCU got 'em a player.

Let me guess. This guy sucked too, right Robert?

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I wonder which D3 receiver we’ll get next to replace him.

They offer a guy from iowa to be his replacement.

There was talk about jpr to pull his transfer. This has nothing to do with dunn about being a meany. Jpr wants to play the z position

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I like JPR and wish he wasn’t leaving. He was a good player, and he will definitely be missed. I also don’t wish him any ill will. However, I’m tired of all these players that leave all the while singing the praises of Stillwater and OSU. If they were Loyal and True they wouldn’t be leaving. If they want to leave, for whatever reason, then leave, but don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.


I don’t think we will be worse at receiver next year. Still have Presley, Owens, Shettron , the other Greene will be back plus the portal receivers. Would have like JP staying. Sometimes not enough balls to go around


Somtimes the offense just can’t get the balls to the best receivers or to any for that matter. Yes are receiving core will be worse Roberto. You always ragged on Presley right? Why not now? Because your you? Yea. You kill me man every time you attempt to respond on here. The fall of Gundy is in the process. Enjoy buddy.

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I dnt even respond to you. Your pathetic. I did like presley for fumbles. Older he gets the less issues there.

Weve lead the league with drops last 2 years.

Get these taller guys out there maybe win more 50 50 balls.

Last 4 years has been led by sanders. Weve had 2 300 yard games passing by sanders back ups. Corndog had 4000 yards.

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TCU recruited him pretty hard back when… when oSu was the obvious best team. I don’t blame him for jumping ship, he has to regret not already playing on that playoff team!!

Might be time for oSu to become a women’s school, since our girls teams are a saving grace!

GO POKETTES!!! :cowboy_hat_face: :basketball: :cowboy_hat_face: :softball: :cowboy_hat_face:

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He’s a good solid player and I don’t blame him for going to TCU or wanting to get out of Stillwater with this staff. With the players TCU has been getting lately, however, it may not be the best decision for him. Nevertheless, when your bowl game team captain who no one can say anything bad about wants out of Dodge, you’ve got problems. So far, Gundy has made no moves to remedy those problems and since it’s already January and after that bowl game debacle and late season collapse, it doesn’t appear that he’s going to do so. It’s a pitiful situation and it’s going to be a long and ugly end to Mike Gundy’s tenure.

I guess you are cock sure of all this blah. JP wanted to be the featured receiver. Not sure he will get as much playing time there as here. It’s about 3 weeks from season end so I expect to see a staff change. You want Gundy to write you a personal letter telling you who’s out ? I’ve heard several different stories on what we will be running :cowboy_hat_face:

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All these rumors are coming back to not be true. Its like green got mad about them getting receivers.

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