Former Oklahoma State Wide Receiver Stephon Johnson Jr. Commits to Houston

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Another former Cowboy finds a home in the Big 12.

Straight up foolish to let this kid leave.


Oh great we get to see him possibly torch us the next few seasons. Fun.
lol no I don’t know how good he will truly be, however he clearly is talented and in that system? Sky is the limit.


$20 he has a big game when Houston plays OSU at BPS



Yea we should have said ‘no’ when he said he wanted to enter the portal LOL.


Allegedly Boogie and his family were trying to get ahold of the coaching staff to lay out a gameplan and expectations for his future and the staff wouldn’t pick up the phone. From all accounts the staff caused him to enter.

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And there in lies the problem


Lol thats the funniest thing you can say.

I’ve heard of guys going to the coach and asking what he needs to do for next year. But getting the family together to go tell the coach what needs to be done. Every time i see the family envoled in this way its never good.

I can’t say whether it’s a fact or not because I wasn’t there but his father did join in the twitter spaces saying they could not reach the staff. Some reliable accounts are corroborating this too.

I do not care what you think.


If you dnt see family over involvement is bad, thats up to you. Very few coach would go along with that.

You can give the family a good report and say it looks good. But, get 85 players in with their family is no way any coach would do it. Thats what that would lead too.

Basically the same with the sanders deal. If your gone your gone. Did he come to gundy before hand a ask about the chance of coming back. Then him post things shows he is the hurt one. Then dropping them. Thats stuff i see you doing.

“If you’re gone you’re gone”. Someone should’ve told Mike that when he started interviewing around with all those mid tier SEC schools.


Nothing on Twitter in itself is reliable IMO.

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Mike didnt quit. He did what was right. Like i said did sanders ask if he could come back. Rules are quite clear. The school doesnt have to take you back.

Apples and oranges.

I wonder did sonny dykes play to win. I didnt see it. 2 championship games lost in the same year.

Sanders can’t talk to other universities without entering the portal. Gundy can go interview with whoever the hell he wants. It’s the same ■■■■ thing. They both went to explore their opportunities but it’s an issue for Sanders wanting to come back? That’s bullshitt. It’s apples to apples moron.

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I always enjoy see how half wits think.

Sanders had the option to look in to the chances of coming back. Just points out sanders was to big for his breaches. You are funny guy. These kids think the portal is magical, its not.

Absolute moron.

Dnt be so hard on yourself.

Im saying i can understand why gundy did it. And, he had the rite too. Just like holder didnt have to give gundy a raise.

Just like the other kids i have mixed feeling if i want them back. Each had good and bad.
Sanders after 5 years didnt learn how to throw a pass away. All 6 qbs we had in the same time ALL knew how to.

I see you agree that having family members dictate game planning mite not be the rite thing to do.

Go talk to the NCAA if you don’t like the rules

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