Former OSU Coach, Ace Recruiter Marcus Arroyo Fired by UNLV

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Arroyo may be a hot name on the coordinator circuit if he wishes.

The drama starts.

One connection i dnt understand is the hubbard. If he recruited hill. Then why didnt he get hubbard to Oregon since he was at Oregon. So it was because of hill not arroyo.

And yes he had great years at Oregon with top 10 and 25 classes. But, had issues winning with less players at vegas.


Id take Arroyo or Philip Montgomery for OC.

Sounds better than Dunn already. Let’s get him!

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Hubbard is a bitcch.


4th and 3. Last gasp for oSu. I can see not going with a running play when they are crowding the line anticipating the run but throw a short high percentage pass to JP or BP not a long low % pass with a slim chance! So we need someone maybe not as wild as Holgy or Monken but Arroyo or Montgomery might just fit.

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Lol of course you would understand. Oregon was recruiting had a higher leave. Hill was a great get but i think dunn has shown he can recruit great wide outs.

His best and only recruit was a mid 86. Everything else was lower. A great recruiter would have keep some of the local kids to stay. Even sonny could do that at smu.

Lets go get gundy. Everyone talks abouthis recruits. We can find out if its the school or the recruiter.

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How bout this for a plan:

  1. Since Dunn will probably leave if he’s demoted, then hire Cale Gundy to be the WR coach and recruiting coordinator, which was his position at OU prior to leaving.
  2. Hire Arroyo or Montgomery as OC and QB coach, which means letting Rattay go.

Great wideouts? Which one is great? Dunn has got some good wideouts but great? The ones he got playing this year have problems hanging on to them except JPR. And it doesn’t matter who is the OC because gundy makes them run his system. The head coach has to go for change.

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I don’t think Cale would ever come to OSU.

Are you stupid or just trying to down play dunn. Unlike knowless, who was primary on no players. Dunn has had the top college wide out. Multiple all american and pro.
Not to mention secondary on guy like treek hill.

Its one thing to hate gundy and the rest of the staff. It does mean you can turn into complete morons.

And yes martin presley johnson and the latest Johnson have all had dropsy.

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Which ones are playing and have sustain in the nfl that are top echelon? O wait Dez

When you say great witch ones are you talking about?

Not only is dunn a bad offensive cordinator gundy is a non championship winning coach and Dicky needs to hit the road and Mason might could use another year or two before we can see if it’s him or his concepts arnt good. I know it’s crazy to think it might just be the talent gundy has brought in right Roberto? Hard to implement your defense and concepts in one year but for the rest of them they need their pay docked if gundy’s loyalty to his players and coaches are going to keep them there which I fully expect him to do that.

I wouldn’t have a problem with Montgomery. He was a good OC. He knows this state and Texas (which would be good for recruiting). Tulsa is also a difficult place to recruit to as well. I think he would be a pretty good fit at OSU as an OC, but I have a feeling you’re going to need to compensate him well or he’ll go somewhere else.


And to hate on Arroyo just shows your hatred is towards the only coaches that come in here and really help this program. Just classic Roberto. Just love the ones that hold us back, yep you good sir make no since as usual and are so in love with gundy it’s almost obsessive like stalker style. Love is blind Roberto.

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I thot Arroyo was Gundy’s replacement in waiting. Changed my mind 2 years ago.
Zac Robinson will be the new OC if anyone is. Hopefully Jim Bob can take over the D. Need changes at both coordinators.

Gundy is too loyal to demote or fire Dunn. Haven’t you all heard? He already has voiced his excuse for this year: injuries. Case closed, move along, nothing to see here.


Good god are you crying real tears. I want to know why your in love with every ex coach weve had that ran off.

But arroyo got hill. Ok so what. I will say thanks compared to dana, monkey and knowless.

@bill18 so its alrite to lose as long as you look like your trying. Knowless was hired so they tired to lose worse, that means there going forward. If your offence is ranked high its great to go 7 and 5. Do you even read your post.

I agree but it would be worth it.