Former OSU Target, In-State Standout Kendal Daniels is Back on the Market

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Daniels was the top-rated recruit in Oklahoma in 2021.

Well I guess check out the tweets of the two Beggs player.
We also have that decommit from us.2022 class
Get both of those would be great


Let’s get him !


Dream on. If OSU did not make his cut, there would be no reason for him to consider us now. But this continues to show that Cowboy coaches do chase after talent. They just don’t happen to catch many though. Gundy should make each coach call whoever they were after when the kid announces he picked some other school. The coach should then ask the recruit to please list the reasons he chose the other school instead of OSU. If the staff can compile quite a list from that then it might help them figure out why the good ones aren’t coming to town. You only call the recruits who had OSU in their top 5 and took an official visit. If they didn’t take a visit then they were never really interested in becoming a Cowboy. I think Gundy needs the feedback. My own thinking is that OSU is not a powerhouse and the really good talent wants to be surrounded with other talent. If you’re a star receiver do you want to play catch with a mediocre QB? Or do you want to play for a good QB but he has an O line with a lot of holes in it and thus his QB will be hindered to get those passes to him? There’s status playing for OU and usually a chance to make the playoffs. Can’t say that about OSU. There’s really no major draw here for the better recruits.

We know why, dnt need feed back.
with all big 12 and Arkansas recruits. Ou and Texas have like 13 we had offers with 11.
With r 7 recruits Texas and ou gave no offers.
5 of them had like 4 offers from the other big 12 and Arkansas.
The 7 big 12 schools and Arkansas recruits have no offers from us
So we are winning recurits from everyone but ou and Texas. Thats ur summary

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The girls swept #11 lsu 2 games on the road tonite

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Who decommitted from us?

Can’t remember his name. But he decommited back in the summer when Hubbard did his deal. I think he was a oline guy. He decommited again I think it was A&M too.

Kelvin banks . He decomitted before the Chuba stuff

He decommited July 12 did the gundy thing happen in june

Yea it’s no secret why they decommit or why we don’t make their final 4… every kid thinks they are on their way to the NFL… you would think playing time would sway them to us. Can’t figure out ATM, they haven’t won anything in years

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Kendal Daniels said OU pulled his offer before he committed to A&M.




You got it :grin:

So if true ou must have found something out they didn’t like.
U always want to go after the best. But, decommits sometimes have issues. Sometimes they have good reason.
That reciever ku sign decommited from 129 school before signing with ku. Very odd but I don’t know.

They were pretty good this year. They likely to be the second or third best team next year in the SEC. It depends on how good Georgia is,

I get that I’m just saying money is a big reason they get top talent there no matter how bad they have been or mediocre

No the coach that happens to coach there has won a national championship.

So they didn’t get good recruits before him?

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Did that help ku