Former Texas Tech, Michigan Quarterback Alan Bowman Commits to Oklahoma State

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Bowman has thrown for 5,329 yards and 34 touchdowns in his career.

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I think it’s a solid pickup if as @DickeySucksAtHisJob stated, he can stay healthy.

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Where are all.the Debbie Downer Nana boo boo’s.
I’m sure they can find something negative about this transfer. Like he is a Ginger/ Red Head oh wait didn’t we have one of those before???


Line has to keep this guy healthy. If he stays healthy he can be good. Still think it’s a big mistake letting Sanders walk.

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I like this pick up. Some how some way Coach is bits and piecing this thing back together. It’s going to be interesting to see how any non-blue bloods adjust to this new NIL transfer environment.


How many years does he have left?
2018 frosh
2019 only 3 games so redshirt
2020 didn’t count
2021 sophomore
2022 junior
2023 last year?

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Last year I believe

I like this pickup. He’ll be a solid QB for us. I’m still not sold on Gundy being the coach that can win our conference and get us to the CFP, but this was a nice get from the portal.

This pickup does not move the needle for me.
Bowman career:
34 TDs
18 Picks
1.67 Tds per pick.
Sanders was 1.88, so a little better
His completion % is better but his yards is -9 over his career.
Bowman was 17 Tds and 7 picks as a frosh and hasn’t improved, going 17/11 since. Does that sound familiar.
If Rangel goes into the portal because of this, then what for 2024?

Was he the tech quarterback that had the collapsed long at some point?

Hope he can run

I like the pickup and I remember the game when as a freshman he torched us. He owes us a couple of games (added interest) where he pounds our opponents…. :wink:



Offensive line is the most important thing in football, and the lack of recruiting good offensive lineman and the development and picking the right offensive line coaches have been a poor subject for gundy. This kid is better than what we have but I’m sorry nothing will change if gundy can’t figure out the line. Tell me another power five team that has had offensive line trouble for over a DECADE!!! You can’t because gund’s program is the only one.

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I like it. If, as others have stated, he can stay healthy this is a good get. Bowman only has one year of eligibility left, so it shouldn’t bother Rangel or Flores, and maybe they can learn something from him.


-9 yards rushing in his career

If we had a competent line I wouldn’t really mind this but if there isn’t some serious improvement it could get bad for him.

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Holy cow I didn’t think he was still playing after all those concussions. Anyone watching the TCU game? They’re getting too cute on offense. They just to play their normal game and quit over bitting on defense.

I think honestly he’s on concussion away from retirement