Four-Star, In-State Tackle Jacob Sexton Includes OSU in Top Five

I thought I would just ask since you’re the guru of football here :joy::blush::clown_face:

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If Gundy didn’t give up so easily we may have had more than 8 wins during the pandemic.

Did Jalen Hurts transfer up going from Alabama to Oklahoma? I’m not sure if anyone has transferred up, maybe someone has but very few. I know the ones we have brought in haven’t been making much of a step up and most have made a step down.

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The only person I can think of as of right now that transferred up is maybe Trey Sermon. Then again he was a highly recruited player. So it’s only natural that Ohio State would take him in and immediately start playing him. I mean…he did average 109 yards a game.

I’m sure in the mean time we’ll see the former 4 star recruits from Oklahoma State exceeding expectations at their new school. It’s hard to really gauge how well they have done or how well they will do because there are very few 4 star recruits that have been recruited by Gundy in the last several years, and we are just now experiencing a different transfer portal as well.

The ones we bring in are adequate fill ins. You think Hurts transferred up :joy::crazy_face::crazy_face: you surely don’t think the goons are above Alabama
Hurts was never gonna play again over Tua

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Idiot were talking r transfers u guys are cry about losing. U think moore is j hurt. Once again u r stupid or trying hard to punch chit
None of r portals have done or will do anything

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U mean the once who are in lil bitty schools

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Yes ou is better then Alabama just ask riley"s gf joe

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Moore transferred to way step down. Didn’t want to work plus couldn’t pass school. Boomer will be mediocre, watch… you guys don’t know your football. How about Peel, he has exceeded his 3 star. Sermon has never made it through a season without being hurt

I like mayonnaise myself. You should try it instead of eating lobster all the time. It might bring you down to common sense level​:crazy_face::joy::clown_face::clown_face:. You just trying to be cute

And Riley has been embarrassed at every FB playoff they have been in. Oh but you will be like the goon fans :crazy_face: we came back on Bama :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: Bama coasted after the first qt ahead 28-0 :crazy_face::crazy_face::joy::clown_face:

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He’s not saying that OU is above Alabama. He was going back to the point you made about recruits going to an equal or higher caliber school and burning up the field.

He asked a question (hint the ? after his sentence). I know you and Robert are illiterate when it comes to the English language so please try to pay attention.

Hurts was a 4 star recruit and still a good quality QB. So it only made sense for him to transfer to OU where he knew he could bring his talents to and being an already established QB.

Like the other 4 star recruits that have left OSU he went to a school he knew would be excited to have him and they would also benefit from his skills. When you go to Alabama what they are primarily concerned with is if you know how to play football. They don’t worry too much about their players having culture or seniority when it comes to playing time.

I’m going to be sad when he becomes a finalist or winner for the biletnikoff award next season, and we don’t have a receiver up for the award.

He’s been here since 2018. I would expect him to be just as good if not a little better than a 4 star recruit that only got one season or very little playing time on his belt being at OSU.

Presley will be twice what Moore was going to be We are loaded at receiver Anderson, and a lot more… Owens

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Oh but he was a lowly 3 star, he couldn’t possibly become a high 4 star and be all B12 now could be he … moron… I swear you can make more excuses and make up schit​:joy::crazy_face::clown_face::clown_face:

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Doesn’t matter if your loaded at WR if you never play them or throw the ball to them.

I’d rather win a conference title and get embarrassed in the CFP rather than not make the conference title game and not even be in the conversation for a CFP appearance.

I swear you have the mentality of a 12 year old… win at all costs, get a player hurt, cheat to get high recruits just for the satisfaction of being in the playoffs once then sucking for 4 years

I didn’t say you had to cheat to get high caliber recruits or win at all costs. You just simply have to have a winning attitude and not be content with being a middle of the pack Big 12 team. Matt Campbell and Iowa State obviously figured this out. Mike Gundy can’t remember how to get back to that mentality.