Four-Star, In-State Tackle Jacob Sexton Includes OSU in Top Five

We threw the ball all around to Washington, Johnson, and Ateman … do you ever really think. No you just have the same ole worn out 2-14 … won’t throw the ball to them​:clown_face::crazy_face::flushed::flushed::joy::joy:

Yeah I agree we did throw the ball around. We had two 1,000 yard receivers that season and a 1,000 yard rusher and still finished 3rd with three home losses. I agree we need to hire a better head coach.

When’s the last time IS has beat us ??? 3 years ago…so what happened to Campbells winning mentality on the last 2 :flushed::flushed: you guys just throw junk and brainless chit out to argue

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Thing is you don’t get to hire or fire chit unless you want to donate about 15 million to fire Gundy and find someone as good for 4 million

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Team A- has beaten OU twice the last 5 seasons, finished 2nd in the conference at least one, played in a conference title game, and won a New Years Six bowl.

Team B- hasn’t beaten OU the past 5 seasons, doesn’t have one 2nd place finish, hasn’t played in a conference title game, and hasn’t appeared in a New Year Six bowl.

Can you guess which one is Team A, and which one is Team B?

Hey don’t get mad at me for pointing out the facts. Just because I’ve shown you what you get with Gundy isn’t my fault. If it upsets you so much then stop supporting him as the HC.

So if I’m understanding you correctly. You would rather be the team that beats the team making it to the conference title game rather than being the team in the actual conference title game? That definitely sounds like a Bob Simmons era mentality.

U real dnt understand anything at all do
U r in love with Gundy and he never answer ur valentine. Dnt be sad most girls dnt understand football

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Just make ou the top loser

Joe let’s get back to miles losing his oc. U never answer why with all miles great recruits he only won 7, but with Simmons seniors he won 9.
I’ve heard every u have to say about Gundy and cowboy culture. Let’s talk about miles. Don’t be shy or cry?

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The fact he was able to win 9 games with the recruits that Simmons left him tells me he was one hell of a coach.

I thought he was both. U can have it both ways.this hard for u isn’t it. Ur finding out u ur idol is a bad coach and a bad recruiter.
Thing is if u were fantasizing about les when he left u would have already know this.
Sorry joe.
I feel bad u have to see him dismantle ou’s program
Only great coach get fired twice

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Who gives a chit Joe I don’t play into hypotheticals , that’s for idiots like you and your coffee shop cronies :clown_face:

You don’t unset me in the least :joy: I’m laughing my a$$ off at all the lying you can do and thinking you can fire the coach :joy::joy: I spend my day laughing

Oh he is crying alright, he’s got away with shouting his drivel non stop and no one spoke up. You think he wants to be a bully, no he thinks he’s sooo much smarter than anyone else

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I can’t tell the difference between a coach that wants to be the best and a coach that’s content with 4th. Obviously you two can’t.