Four-star Linebacker Collin Oliver, Oklahoma Native, Commits to OSU

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Oliver gives OSU its highest-rated defensive pledge since 2015.



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Up from 10th to 9th, well that’s good enough, at least for the " I remember when it was worse " crowd. Now let’s stop all this recruiting nonsense and get back to talking about how Gundy is the best coach we could ever hope to have.

Well that should do it! Got our 1 :star: :star: :star: :star: guy out of the way. And who said coach Grungy couldn’t recruit?


I remember when Iowa State kicked a field goal to tie us so we had one tie instead of them going for it and we possibly could have had one win for the season, so Zip it and be thankful your alive during the Golden Age of oSu Cowboy Football and the greatest mullet wearing coach in our history!!!

Now just need about 10 more of em…

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Tim22 is a "I remember when it was worse " guy.

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Please do everyone a favor and just leave Oklahoma I’d love for you to look every recruit we get to Stillwater and tell them they aren’t good enough because your dumb a** read it on 247 , go make sure your mom has dinner ready


And also mike Gundy is the greatest we’ve had and probably ever will have not for just on the field success but he brings people in that u don’t think deserve a chance and gives them an opportunity to better there life. There’s so much more to life than football, people like you should know that better than anyone

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Well…yo 1 you know I hate to break the news to u but you never played competitive sports like my wife cause you sound just like her. We shouldn’t be running a 2 or three star rescue here lol like we are bringing in stray football players and giving them a chance like a drug attic in the streets that you help by giving them something to eat😂. ITS all about FOOTBALL sweetheart so win!

And also I played college ball as did the majority of my family take your 2 and 3 star pity party else where , your worthless and it’s probably not your fault it just happens lol you can’t help it

Nothing but class and intelligence around here.


That’s the way Clemson and Oregon moved up, is competing with Southwest Michigan for players. Then telling your best players to sit behind this walk-on because he bought in to this Cowboy Culture Crap I made up.

A few thoughts,

  1. I love this, this is an outstanding get for us and i’d be lying if i said i expected oliver to commit to us.

  2. I’m worried that we may lose Oliver by signing day, he doesn’t have a OU offer. OU is notorious for offering one of our guys 3 weeks before signing day and taking them (Texas too but i’m not worried about them for Oliver).

  3. Despite this great recruiting win I have little expectation for the rest of the class. I have hop that we can rope in the 2 4 star twin WRs and maybe steal another 4 star late to get to 4 of them in the class but that seems to be the ceiling for us. That would actually be a fantastic class by Gundy era recruiting standards are far as composite rankings are concerned. I think Gundy has only had at least 4 4 star guys once in the last 10 years. If you make a graph of the last 10 years of OSU recruiting class composite rankings you will notice that our classes get are getting worse with almost every passing year. I love Gundy and respect what he is trying to build culture wise; He’s a great Xs and Os guy, but no team has ever made the playoffs without at least one 5 star on it’s roster.

    We all remember the beloved 2011 season where we became the martyr that lead to the new college football playoff system. Yunno, the one where we got screwed out of playing for (and probably winning) the natty. The 2012 recruiting class was a prime time to capitalize on our success and national spotlight to enhance our recruiting and our program, we had the success, the press, and the facilities. Yet, we underperformed in recruiting in 2012 relative to what we should have netted from the 2011 wave. Here is why this is so frustrating, Minnesota just had its first great season in decades and they now have 5 4 star commits already for 2021 and will likely get more. They also have quite a few 86+ grade 3 star guys. If minnesota can capitalize on one great year like that then why can’t we? They certainly havn’t been given more press than us in the past decade and we have better facilities and overall weather (it is cold as hell in minnesota). This makes me think that we are purposely not going after some high ranked guys hat we can get because they don’t fit the culture, I just wish Gundy would take some of these guys who “don’t fit” and try to mold them rather than just not even trying to get the player in general. You can be a great coach but you won’t win a natty or consistently compete for conference titles without getting a 5 star every now and then or getting at least a few 4s every single class. We are a upper-mid tier program who should be able to get 8 4 star guys per class and a 5 at least once every 3-4 years.

**Want to hear another fact that will make you mad?

*Rutgers has just as many 4 stars as us nw and their 3 star guys are rated higher than ours (ratings don’t mean everything of course but still)
*Northwestern has 3 4 star commits rn. Rutgers and northwestern are horrible programs and they are both recruiting circles around us in 2021.

Lets all be thankful for Colin Oliver, we really need him.

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Thankful for Oliver, I think a 4 star OL, RB, and then a WR. Duffie could go all out now that he’s got a safe bet i wouldn’t be surprised to see him land a big fish .

Your Minnesota and Rutgers observations are sad . That is enough PF for today .

No Tim22 is a: I’m Grateful for oSu football the way it is NOW guy and thankful for oSu football under Gundy. Not a glass half empty guy like ar1

I’m not a glass half empty guy, I’m just tired of mullet hairs in the glass.

That’s the one thing that irks me about Gundys recruiting, he thinks he can take all the 3 star players and make them All Big 12. True a lot of kids haven’t reached their true potential until 3 years outs HS… but we need kids to come in and play some immediately. That’s the reason we have to have down years till the class grows up. I get the culture deal, We haven’t had many bad apples in awhile. But we do need to sign more 4 star kids

No mullet hairs hairs in my glass😂 why are they jet black anyway?