Four-star OL, Under Armour All-American Set for OSU Official Visit

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A huge weekend for a huge visitor is on deck.

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Wow do not let joy or tomato slice read this. This will kill the 2 of them. His dad played for ou and there already out. The way he talks about dickey will make joy throw up. This is a great day to be a cowboy.

I’m sure he is just get the lesser schools out of the way. It’s going to be a good day.


They need to get this kid committed and signed asap.

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Why would it? If Dickey can get the top talent and develop them into decent draft picks I have no problem with that. One second round draft pick over three seasons isn’t an automatic justification for me to view Dickey as a step below Jesus.

You preach to us daily on how gundy dickey or any cowboy aren’t like or respected. So this kid points out your wrong

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I never said Dickey wasn’t liked or respected. The jury is still out on Gundy. All I’ve ever said is I hear good things about Dickey, but I haven’t exactly seen it in the OL so far except with Jenkins.

You’re asking me to praise a guy that has one second round draft pick since 2019. Vanderbilts had two more lineman drafted than us since 2010. Should I be praising Vanderbilt’s OL coach?

I’m going to say this one more time. Your really stuck on draft picks.
I’ve explained how well our line did last year compared to other big 12 lines.
Last year we lost 5 linemen. You make it out like every school could over come this things.
It’s the same with oc with line and recievers problems.

Ok I’ve said my peace you can cry all you want now

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That usually tells the tale if you’re worth the paper you’re written on.

Which starting lineman did we lose?

You didn’t say your peace. You just made excuses like you always do. You make more excuses for the team and coaches than they do for themselves combined. It’s really sad.

You should know the 5 it’s been talked about alot. Articles printed on here and other sources. I’m not unhappy with what the coaches have done. So how is it excuses. I’ve explained to you why we do what we do on offense. You dnt understand how college football works.

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Who are they then lol???

So are you saying there weren’t 5 trying to see if I can come up with 5 names

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Is Eskimo Joes still in business? If so, why do these recruits end up eating at Hideaway?
Is OSU allowed to buy them lunch on an official visit? Or is that considered a major bribe by the NCAA police?

Wow!!! How did you figure that out so fast???

You can give a recruit thousands upon thousands of dollars. Just as long as you don’t pay for their meal you’ll be okay.

Of course I can. You can’t because it’s not in your narrative. That’s all was talked about. I know we had talked about.
By the way how did Hubbard rush for 2000 yards behind Gundy’s bad line

I guess you slept through 2020.

Hubbard was the one on vacation.

He could’ve just said F it!!! Could’ve sit the entire year. He could’ve went to another team. He didn’t do any of that.

He did sit the year out. Your an moron he could have went to the nfl if anything. It is funny he came back with no one liking gundy and oan

I see you dropped the 5 linemen we lost.
So I see your buddy Pittman is play missouri state. I hope his schedule isn’t to hard.