Game Thread: Arizona State 🏈

Exactly. It’s one of the only schools I’ve ever been to that doesnt even have greek houses.

Well, they do, but they all look the same just with different Greek letters on the side, and are more like low level dormitories than an actual house

It was the students if you walked near that area. Otherwise it was normal but those students were idiots.

Completely forgot about the slant drop in the 4th they had. Would have definitely went for a 60-70 yard super easy TD and the dude just whiffed on the catch. Woulda put them up.

“if you want a pita, get off the phone with Rita” - Pita Pit sign, circa 2009 or so in Stillwater

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It’s Skyline Chili, isn’t it?

BTW, I actually saw a guy I trust do a review on Skyline and said “I was expecting the worst, but this isn’t terrible. 6.7/10.”

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Skyline chili blows.



Yeah. If they just called it Greek spaghetti sauce, I wouldn’t have as much of a hangup. But since they call it chili, I’m going to compare it to Oklahoma and Texas chili and deem it crap.


Low key, Cincinnati is one of the best beer cities in the country. So many places to drink good beer. The neighborhood I lived in is kinda setup more “European”. Bars and little eating places at every corner and in between.


So that rules out 2 of the 50 states and federal district. Which ones don’t you deem to be “crap”?

You might be misunderstanding, I think Oklahoma and Texas chilis are good. Basically anywhere from Colorado down south to New Mexico/Texas.



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I despised Cincinnati meat soup “chili”. Not enough cheese in the city to cover up that abomination.

Now Graeter’s ice cream was another story. That was delicious.

For the very little but I was able to actually get out and enjoy the city, I did like all the drinking options. Had to do a shotski at Hoffbrau House.

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When I was up there for work they were DYING to take me there. I thought it was some magical luxurious restaurant the way they were talking about it. We get there and it’s just a dirty little fast food joint that slaps canned chili down on top of noodles that they forgot to drain the water off of before throwing them on your plate, with a side of communion bread bites lmao


Apparently BrewDog (Scotland) has a brewpub in my old neighborhood. But there’s also a bunch of bars that offer different vibes (Rhinehaus is a great soccer bar, for example).

Queen City Radio is a great bar to mingle and shoot the s*** with locals.

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Do y’all realize we buried the lead in this entire thread???

We must discuss what a great “body clock” win this was for our team.

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And yes, I was hoping to drop this line in a more relevant place but didn’t think of it until the convo had died down so I just forced it in there. :smirk:

Butterfly effect; what if that dude who burnt Rucker wouldn’t have dropped that pass on 3rd and 10?

I’m really hurt by all of this trash talking about Cincinnati chili. One of my favorites… lol

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